Gun found outside Hyde Park high-school building

BPS added extra security to the Hyde Park Education Complex today after a staff member found a gun outside the building. In a statement, BPS says:

There is extra security in place in and around our school today. A staff member found a firearm outside the school building and we notified Boston Police, which are investigating. The situation is secure and teaching and learning are continuing as usual. We take the safety of our students, staff, and community seriously. There is increased security at the school and a sweep of the exterior was completed. Boston Police and our School Police will continue to monitor the situation. No disruptions were made to our normal daily activity today.

In June, the building, which houses New Mission High School and the Boston Community Leadership Academy, went into "safe mode" after the brother of a student tried sneaking a gun inside.



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HP High is a dump

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This is not the first occasion this year a gun has been found, also a student stabbed another student in the chest this year.

I don't remember a student

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I don't remember a student being stabbed at these schools. Please cite your evidence

"HP High is a dump"

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Thanks for your courageous and insightful contribution anon. Its brave, thoughtful,fearless citizens like you that make this a better Boston.

20 years ago

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didn't someone in City government say "judge me harshly if the school system doesn't improve"? We don't have to worry about that anymore because all the families have moved out of Boston.

Schools are improving.

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Schools have improved in spite of white flight. Look at graduation rates. While there is much room for improvement, Boston consistently ranks as one of the top urban school districts in the nation.

Cop out

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The BPS still isn't good enough for $1B, sorry. There are many, many well intentioned and talented people in the system and there is also tons of nonsense which stymies those people from being effective. Check out a SSC meeting sometime and learn about the latest in proactive outreach from Court St and what the BPS burn 1 hour of well intentioned parents' time.

not a cop out...

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I didn't say schools were good enough. In fact, I specifically said there is much room for improvement. I was simply responding to the post above saying that schools haven't improved, which is factually incorrect. From my experience as a parent and a community partner, schools that my children have attended and schools that I have visited are better now than 20 years ago. My youngest, who still attends a BPS school has had a more positive overall experience than my other children when they attended school in the last decade. Again, there is a lot of room for improvement. I have been to a few SSC meetings, and like every other government sponsored meeting I have attended, not much gets done and there is a lot of frustration. Court Street does need a transformation, lots of waste there. I am just responding to the negativity around education and isolated incidents in general. The incident today at the HPEC was unfortunate, and gun violence is all too real, but who knows how long that weapon had been stashed there. It could have been a student, but it also could have been somebody that wasn't affiliated with the school, just like the incident in June. My friend who lives near the school has said these newly located pilot schools that occupy that building are much more respectful of the neighborhood than the schools that moved out of there a few years ago and have immersed themselves in the community. It is easy to write blatantly negative posts all the time - I'm just trying to add balance.

It also ranks

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As one of the worst school districts in MA, particularly our High Schools (minus the exam schools).

Examine the numbers...

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True, but it is also the biggest with the most charter schools that take away from the population. Did you know that one of the schools in HPEC (where the weapon was found today) is the #1 ranked non-exam high school in Boston, and also was named in the top 50 best high schools in Massachusetts according to the U.S. News and World Report this year. Also, the other school that occupies HPEC just won a $100,000 award (the Broad Prize) given out to an exemplar BPS school every year. Most districts don't have exam schools, or the large charter school percentage of the population, or METCO. If these students were part of typical high schools in traditional BPS high schools the rankings of those schools would surely rise. Some schools are on the rise, some are on the fall. Massachusetts is the best overall state for education, and Boston is more competitive than her sister cities.

Hyde Park high no longer

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Hyde Park high no longer resides in that building . That building holds two separate schools - BCLA && New Mission high - two schools who are doing pretty well academically. The firearm was found outside of the school , not necessarily owned by one of the attending students . Hyde Park high was closed almost 2yrs ago because of poor academics. Please educate yourselves prior to making ignorant comments about BPS!