Lawyer who ran 9/11 victim fund to run Marathon victim fund

Gov. Patrick and Mayor Menino announced today that Kenneth Feinberg will serve as administrator of One Fund Boston, which is collecting donations to help the victims of Monday's bombings.

As of 5 p.m. Wednesday, more than $7 million had been committed to the fund by corporate partners and 5,000 individual donors, they added.



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    Interesting. The 9/11

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    Interesting. The 9/11 Victims Compensation fund was formed as essentially a buy off for the families of people killed in 9/11. To get any money from it you had to sign away your rights to sue for negligence over 9/11. The airline industry was deathly afraid that the tens of thousands of relatives of 9/11 victims would sue them for negligence which helped make 9/11 possible. Even if most of those suits were unsuccessful they could bury the companies under massive and protracted legal costs. If successful, which many of them probably would be given the well documented shoddy security at Logan and other airports pre-9/11, they could destroy airlines. Congress was worried that the legal fallout from 9/11 would cripple the domestic airline industry and so passed the 9/11 victims compensation fund to buy out families of the victims.

    I wonder whether the One Boston fund has conditions set on receiving funds.

    Relative priorities

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    So, does the innocent store clerk who was shot in the face in Worcester yesterday get any of that fund? Or is he not as worthy?

    What about the families of any of these people??

    Why does our compassion, not to mention our resolve to "do something about it" seem so much greater for the three who died Monday than for the 20,000 per year who die senseless, preventable deaths at the hands of drunk drivers?

    Focus on the sensational is ruining our humanity.

    Nothing is stopping you

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    from doing something. And how do you know that people haven't donated or done anything for other families? There are charities focusing on homicide and drunk driving.


    They aren't limited to dead bodies. There are still at least 100 people in hospitals as a result of the bombings.

    That's many more disrupted lives than a gang hit, sorry to say.

    a little offensive to describe this fund as a buy off

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    A lot of Boston Marathon Bomb injured had "traumatic amputations" -- the shrapnel shredded their legs. I heard there were about 25 of those but the press has not been wrapping itself in glory. Anyway, those people have lots of costs they didn't save for.

    I find it a little offensive to describe this fund as a buy off. These people have real damages. We can brace ourselves for decades a litigation over damages or raise the funds to pay those costs they didn't choose for themselves and which they'd gladly trade to have their legs back.