Hangin' out on the Southeast Distressway

HOV at a standstill

As Sara shows us in Milton, for some reason, the HOV lane on the Expressway became the state's longest parking lot this evening.

Katherine adds:

People out of their cars, talking, cars are parked.



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Seen it before - accident

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Seen it before - accident near Quincy ground the entire thing to a halt all the way back to the South Bay Center, and it's precisely why I never chance the HOV. One accident and it's game over for quite a while.

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Seems like the time savings

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Seems like the time savings would be worth it day in and day out vs the highly unlikely off chance that something of this nature occurs.

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HOV lane is routinely blocked

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at least a couple times a week, be it from a disabled vehicle or an accident. Often times, the accident occurs in the general lanes, but the vehicles involved have knocked the zipper barrier out of line. also shutting down the HOV lane.

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It was a disabled vehicle that blocked HOV

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I saw this. What was more interesting than the disabled vehicle was that the Negoshian's Towing tow truck had to go in reverse from the Braintree split well into Milton to make the hook. The people who felt the need to stand on top of their stuck vehicles or on the jersey barriers to assess their predicament was an added touch.

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Specialized tow truck

Consider how much $ we probably drop on the zipper vehicles, it might be worth investing in a tow truck which can drive "forward" in either direction, with a steering wheel and seat in the front and the "other front". If that makes sense.... I imagine reversing up the HOV isn't exactly speedy or comfortable.

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Tow services for the HOV lane

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are provided by private companies under contract to MassDOT. I doubt you'd have much success in convincing those companies to invest in a very expensive custom-built tow truck just so they can get to the scene of an HOV wreck a few minutes faster than backing up the HOV lane with a standard truck.

Plus, as I noted in another post, the biggest problem with accidents involving the HOV lane are those where the barrier is displaced and has to be put back in line. Your "dual facing" tow truck would be of no use in resolving that issue.

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The next time the contract is

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The next time the contract is up for renewal, add a clause saying they need that type of truck. Problem solved.

Of course the real solution is to rebuild the HOV lane into a permanent reversible center road with a shoulder. But that wouldn't be cheap.

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And it's impossible there

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And it's impossible there isn't any room to make the lane if you pay attention each direction looses a lane depending on the time of day south in the am and north in the pm

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