Have Free Dinner with Marty Walsh by donating $2000 to TOUCH106.1FM (Today Only)

Today Monday December 24, 2013 is TOUCH106.1FM's year end fundraiser, the "TOUCHATHON TELETHON." The TOUCHATHON TELETHON began at midnight and will end tonight at midnight (12/24/13).

The goal of Touch106.1FM is to raise $24,000 in 24 hours through their telethon. If you donate $2000 to Touch 106.1FM, Mayor-Elect Marty Walsh has agreed to have dinner with you and a partner.

So if you would like to have a private dinner the next Boston Mayor Martin Walsh by supporting a great public service that TOUCH 106.1FM provides the people of Boston, you can do so with your donation of $2000 by calling 617-445-1061.

To listen to the TOUCHATHON TELETHON, tune into your radio at TOUCH106.1FM or online at http://touchfm.org/

***This offer only lasts for today only until midnight tonight***



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Really Doug? Really Marty?

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So now the man who is thinks he should be sheriff is posting free advertisements for a unlicensed privately held radio station. And apparently Marty Walsh is involved too, although coming from Dougie B, who knows if it true or not.

I appreciate that this station is alone in representing the African American community in Boston, but it is unlicensed, has already paid thousands in fines, and will probably be fined again. If Charles Clemons decided to make it internet only, that would be on thing, but it's on the airwaves and is illegal.

So Dougie B wants us to help pay for Charles Clemons fines? And Marty too? Wow. Just wow.

And one more thing Doug- your signs are a fugly blight on the community you profess to want to represent.


I'm sorry but you're wrong. TOUCH 106.1FM is licensed.

Look I understand why you want to slander TOUCH 106.1FM anonymously because you are a spineless, jealous, petty, sad, whiney, negative coward who is probably sitting at homeright now on Christmas refusing to spend quality time spreading love with your family members but instead deciding to waste your soulless and selfish moments stalking me Dan, DVDOFF, Annon, whatever you want to call yourself... But that's okay because you are forgiven for your sins.

HOWEVER, TOUCH 106.1FM is licensed. AND YES Marty Walsh was willing to have a private dinner with anyone who donated $2000 in one swoop to the TOUCHATHON TELETHON.

Yes Mayor Marty Walsh donated $200 to TOUCH 106.1FM out of his pocket and I donated too... AS DID HUNDREDS OF OTHER BOSTONIANS.

So please be factual. Don't anonymously slander and lie. If you want to make AD HOMININ attacks use your real name. Don't be that scared and whiny crybaby who only throws mud from the shadows . I always say who I am. You should too friend.

Lastly, if you think my 4'x8' billboards are ugly. Do yourself a favor. Paint me me more Bennett/Sheriff signs and make them really pretty. Don't worry you have nothing to worry about. I will help you find a nice place to put them for me.


No, you don't say who you are, Doug

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You think you're slick by posting as "Roslindale Ronnie" in the Herald, "democraticmassachusetts" on Blue Mass Group and "BostonDailyNews" on Red Mass Group. So once again, you are LYING! You DON'T always say who you are!You are absolutely devoid of any integrity whatsoever and one has to wonder if you would be this sleazy and corrupt if you were ever, by some miracle, elected to public office. And it's spelled AD HOMINEM, you moron.

Oh and BTW, that first post was not from me. I thought I'd give you a break for Christmas, but I can see you deserve that lump of coal this year, because Santa knows you've been naughty.



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Why so much anger Doug? You need some more egg nog. A lot more.

So when did Touch 106.1 get a license? I'll be happy to stand corrected if someone can show me. There are scores of articles on the internet stating the station has been unlicensed from it's founding in 2007 up to the most recent article I could find in August 2013 . I can not find one article anywhere stating they finally got their license. So Doug, perhaps you can provide a link to the UHub readers to prove your point.

As for you other points... why do you criticize others for being anonymous, when you do the same thing repeatedly? You are just plain lying when you say you always post as Douglas Bennett. As we all know you have several aliases so why pretend you don't?

And for the record, I am not Dan or dvdoff. I know dvdoff often criticizes you, and I enjoy reading his posts, but I'm not him.

Merry Christmas Roslindale Ronny and looking forward to being educated on when Touch 106.1 got their license.


Thank you again Dan Farnkoff for proving yourself again

Of course you are Dan Farnkoff. There is no need to lie my friend. All I ask is for you to be honest. I understand you want to hate and be jealous. But please it's Christmas time and there is no need for anyone to be Ebeneezer Scrooge.

While you are whining and attacking with anonymous adhomin attacks, sitting at home lonely on your computer because you don't have anything else to whine about, one more green and white 4'x8' Bennett/Sheriff billboard goes up on your street or in your neighborhood and more houses are visited and voters are met by me.

So please continue to anonymously whine and cry about my campaign for Sheriff because if you hadn't been paying attention, I'm gonna triumph.


Is is Dan or Wayne?

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Sounds like you took my advice and drank some egg nog. A lot of egg nog!
You claimed I was "Wayne" in one of your rants a months ago. So which is it, Wayne or Dan or dvdoff? And the answer is none of the above.

And please address the real issue of this posting. You are wrong about Touch 106.1. It is in fact unlicensed, and you are in fact wrong again, my friend. Next question?



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Doug, You called me Wayne a few months ago, now you say Wayne has passed away. But I am very alive, and I'm not Dan. You are one wild and crazy guy.

Prove it

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I posted the FCC link where it would be listed if it were licensed but it isn't listed there, and you haven't responded to it except to keep saying it is licensed.

Put up or shut up.


There's a pattern here

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This has been going on for as long as Doug has been posting on UHub. The pattern is that Doug posts lies that are very easy for anyone to disprove. Then he attacks those who point out he's a liar. Then he hides. My guess is he wont respond, because after all is said and done, he's a coward. If he does respond, he will probably call you Dan and attack you.


As predicted

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The cowardly liar is silent today. Probably finger painting some new signs.

Unlicensed and unethical

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This article provides a lot of details about the station. If you don't have a boston.com subscription, you should be able to search and access it through a google link.


No license, fines unpaid, questionable non-profit status, possible campaign ethics violations when Clemons ran for mayor, etc. etc.
Has something changed since August 2013 or are the facts as presented in this article still correct?

And Doug, please calm down and don't be so angry on Christmas. Why would anyone want someone who is so angry to be their sheriff?


Of course the Boston Globe would attack TOUCHFM....

.... because the Boston Globe is going to eventually go out of business because they can't make a profit.

What the Boston Globe did not like is that here you have a person in Charles Clemons putting out UNFILTERED and UNBIASED news that is free to the public, promotes democracy, and distributes information to the public.

What I am really excited about is how with John Henry buying the Boston Globe, many of these really average Globe writers are going to be looking for new jobs because many of them are really bad writers.


Finally Doug is right about one thing

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You're right Dougie, many of the Globe writers are really bad. However you are wrong when you state that Touch 106.1 has a license. BTW, I think it's adorable how you upvote all your posts.


So what about the license

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Doug, you are having your fun trying to identify anonymous posters, ranting about the Globe, promoting your signs, etc.
BUT, what about the license. Clemons doesn't have one and you said he did. Focus Doug, Focus.


Ha! What a puny plan!

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First off, Doug, I post under one name and one name only. I don;t play the games you have been proven to be playing. Secondly, when Gene Rivers think you're sleazy, you're not doing too well. Finally, here's a factoid that you don't seem to be getting into your head, you think by defending Clemons' illegal radio station you're going to attract black voters in this city? Well, moron, that's not ever going to happen. There is no way a carpetbagger from Nantucket is going to beat a black man in the black neighborhoods of this city, I don't care how many Mel King parties you go to. Quite frankly, the thought that you can fool any electorate into giving you a job you aren't qualified for and are clearly not mature enough to even dream of having, is a very cynical and a patently stupid move. Though what else do you expect from a man who fights with anyone who dares question his candidacy and a man who thinks he can outsmart the electorate by trying to get them to think he's the incumbent with those childish signs.

Doug, I've proven you're a sleaze over and over again, the electorate knows you're a sleaze and you have no shot at the Sheriff's job. You really think that if a voter's family member gets pinched, they want you being their jailer?


DVDOFF or Dan thank you for proving you are racist

What's your problem? I voted for Obama twice and Deval Patrick twice. Your theory is inaccurate. Race and Gender have nothing to do with this election.

Both of my opponents Steve Tompkins and Hassan Smith are African-American. Who cares.

I say it all the time and it's true. I am African-American, Asian, Caucasian, Native American, and Latino.

Attack me for my policies and what I would like to implement when I am elected Sheriff next year. But please you are out of line and you proved yourself to be a racist bigot. Thank you for showing your true colors DVDOFF.


Wrong again

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Come on Doug. You're sucking up to Clemons because you think somehow that will get you votes in the demographic of his radio station. Marty was doing the same thing if in fact he made the dinner offer. Nothing particularly unusual in that, but it is sleazy. The difference is that Marty Walsh so far is a winner and you are not.

Let's see....

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Out of the dozens of posts that have proven that Doug posts sleazy crap under at least three different screen names he decides that when I post a fact about Doug thinking he can outsmart the black electorate by assuming incorrectly that they're stupid enough not to see what a sleazeball operator he is and he chooses to respond by calling me a racist. Yet Doug cannot produce a single post from me where I call a black man an "animal" the way Doug did in referring to Sheriff Tompkins in this very forum. And let's not forget his slanderous and libelous statements claiming that Sheriff Tompkins beat his wife. Where's your proof of that, Doug? No racism there, though...

Yet I'm the racist, right Doug? Still waiting for that proof I called Frank Perullo also Doug. Still waiting for that proof that you know who I am Doug. Oh, and keep upvoting those posts, it's an act that clearly speaks to your mental illness and desperation.

Hello, Doug?


Clemons is worse than I thought

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Here is a different Globe article from September.


According to the Globe (soon to be out of business according to Doug), Doug's buddy Charles Clemons has had problems not paying child support, not paying taxes, and is a member of the Nation of Islam. So if Doug gets elected, maybe Clemons will get a cushy job with Suffolk County and wont have to raise money for his "non-profit" radio station any more.

The article also says that Clemons "plans to apply for a license". Did he? Does he have one? Or is Doug just being Doug when he says the station is licensed?

Btw, I'm not criticizing Clemons for being a Muslim. The Nation of Islam is a pseudo-Muslim anti-white, anti-Jewish, anti-gay hate group that promotes black supremacy. And according to its own website, it now has some wacky alliance with Scientology.

Nice friend you have there Doug.

Wow the Globe attacks Clemon's family life????

Wow. The Boston Globe which is nearly bankrupt decided to attack Charles Clemons because he like 50% of the American population got a divorce. What is the Globe going to do next, say that Marty Walsh is a Recovering Alcoholic?

No offense but Meghan Irons is about as real as plastic and she supported rival candidate Golar Richie. Andrew Ryan who contributed to this article can NOT even spell or write with proper grammar. I have seen more grammatical booboos published by the globe where he just plain showed how terrible a writer he is. You want to criticize me for my spelling. This guy is paid to write for a living and he's inept and everyone knows this. The best part about Andrew Ryan is that he likes to embellish and make up some of what he writes. Yes Andrew Ryan is a documented liar.

Good thing with John Henry buying the Globe, these bad writers will be looking for new employment.



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The Globe and everyone else has reported that Marty is a recovering alcoholic. He doesn't hide and talks about it not infrequently. Just like Clemons messy divorce, it is part of who he is, and part of who Clemons is.

But congratulations Doug!! With this post you have reached a new level of hilarity with your accusations about the spelling and gramma of others Hah!

Just wait until the Globe goes after you

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Over the years the Globe has treated you with kindness, painting you as an eccentric, loveable, hard working guy, trying his best to get elected, but never succeeding. If they ever do chose to investigate you, that should be fun, eh?
Fan Darankoff


Anyone can come after me and attack me, but I'm Teflon.

First of all you are wrong, I have been elected as County Commissioner and Selectman. However you are correct in describing me as lovable and hardworking.

Absolutely any reporter can attack me and investigate me but I am TEFLON.

Yet if I am treated unfairly or slandered, you better watch out because I will treat you like my political enemy.

The beauty of today's new media sources is that everyone is connected through the internet whether it is through twitter, facebook, blogs, emails or websites, so everyone and anyone can be a "newspaper reporter."

And what's great is that through these new tools I am able to report the news too.

So if any biased, agenda driven, "gotcha" reporter is stupid enough to attack me personally or attack my family, then they have nothing to worry about because I will dig up every piece of dirt you can imagine on this "enemy" and I will publish it on internet. And I do not care who the "newspaper reporter" is.

I will dig up these "enemy" newspaper reporters' driving records from the DMV, their civil court records, their criminal records, anything you can imagine and I will make sure the public knows every single aspect of their life. The reason why is that as "newspaper journalists" they are just like every other politician, elected or unelected. These newspaper reporters are "public figures." So their PERSONAL lives are fair game also if we want to play that game.

HOWEVER, if these "reporters" treat me fairly and honestly, then they will do the right thing. And that is to focus on my policies that I will implement as Sheriff of Suffolk County. So they have a choice and I do not care what newspaper they are from big or small. Attack or support my policies but refrain from personal attacks.

AND if these individuals focus on this specifically, then no "newspaper reporter" will ever have a problem with me.


All one has to do is Google this idiot

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and you'll see that there is an overwhelmingly bad opinion of Doug in the both the mainstream and internet press. From the tales of his inept and comical performance as a Nantucket selectman, where Bennett went from allegedly being drunk at selectman meetings to his allegedly pushing his 71 yo predecessor down a flight of stairs. The there was his wacky interview with the NPR reporter and his now classic misunderstanding of how gay marriage works with a Bay Windows reporter.

Doug Bennett, you see, is a maggot on the body politic. He has absolutely no interest in serving the public, he is only looking to get himself elected to the easiest 120K job in the state and then the pension that goes along with it, because he's basically a failure at everything else he's tried at life and now he's reduced to threatening media members with harassment if they dare look into his ridiculous candidacy and his even stranger behavior as a human being. It's all out there you just have to look. Now he has basically said he will illegally publish personal and criminal information on any member of the press who dares to look at him. Very nice, Doug, except you're so insignificant a figure that no one really cares about you. Also, as proven by your slanderous and libelous statements made about Sheriff Tompkins beating his wife, maybe you should look up how the laws of slander and libel work. And all anyone has to do is research the statements made by you on just this website alone to know you're a lunatic and a loser.


Keep on talking Doug

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What you say on the internet never goes away. Never. Never.

Have a heart

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Take it easy on Doug you guys. He lost his job at the real estate agency on Savin Hill Ave. He's got kids to feed.. And he's not very good at sign painting so that's not an option. I hope he finds a job soon. It sucks to be unemployed and that may explain why Doug's rants are more bizzare than usual.

Usually I do have a heart

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but this piece of shit deserves every bad thing that comes his way. Hopefully his boss got a gander at some of the libelous statements this idiot has made from in all likelihood his work computer and figured there was no way he wanted to end up a party to a lawsuit. Plus if Doug wastes all of this time lying, picking fights and slandering people instead of worrying how he's going to put food in his kid's mouths, it's more than just a little hard for me to have any sympathy for a moron who really is going to go all out in his insane attempt to get a hack well paying job he's not mentally or emotionally qualified for. Fuck him.

I agree

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I agree. F--- him. And that's just for an incident when I met Doug when he was campaigning for something a few years ago. He attacked me and lied when I questioned him about some of his political stances and told him I did not agree with him. He seemed to be surprised that someone would actually be informed on his history of b.s. So Doug just lied and denied everything. Doug is now worse than he ever was and this. This entire discussion is about Doug lying again.

Have a Heart

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Nothing is stopping Doug from getting a job, any job to be responsible as an adult. The main thread was about a radio channel, he went off in a rant instead of admitting he might be wrong about the license. He went off in a threatening rant to expose people, mainly journalists as public figures, how might someone be so arrogant if maybe he had records that were sealed and feared no repercussions from those he has attacked..Teflon? Really. A kid's term who might be about ten. DVD has it right a 120,000 job with benefits would be everything..but then again, I wonder how many jobs he has had and kept for a long period of time..or does he quit..Doug should have have quit at the start of this thread,but then he would have had to admit he was wrong...He appears good at threats, much like a bully, there's that kid behavior again...the know it all without experience, just a good memory...the empty suit...after all this..would not think of him as a class act..his mouth is dangerous as he tries to intimidate...I don't know what job he is qualified to do but when looking at others who had more going for them and lost races, Doug is dreaming. Instead of spending time ranting, I would think he would get a job, he is getting older, the competition is harder, people are doing something with their life and taking responsibility ...he needs more than hand shakes and painted signs....

Doug? License?

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Your favorite radio station is unlicensed. Why not just admit you lied or were ignorant of the facts, and move on instead of attacking everyone?
Fan Darnkoff

Your policy ideas are insensate!

First your platform idea of removing illegal guns from the county is illegal because Sheriff's in Massachusetts do not have the statutory authority to do so.

Second your plan to get soon to be released inmates upon the end of their incarceration jobs in local government is just wrong both financially and logistically. Financially governments do not pay taxes there for the tax breaks that would benefit the people who hire these people in non government jobs would not be fully utilized. Logistically it's wrong because people who work in government are subject to a back round check which considering that they would be fresh out of the system you would be setting them up to fail. Not to mention that people with out criminal records my find this program to be very displeasing. On top of that enough people think that government workers are criminals already for one reason or another don't throw gas on that fire.

Finally your idea of having "Crime Deterrence Posse" as defined by your web page for your campaign for sheriff has to be the most reckless idea I've heard. The fact that's still up there is so condescending in the post Zimmerman trial world. Look you can't give civilians legal authority like that. It could end up getting Sheriff's office sued if one of these people overstepped their bounds and to say that it wouldn't cost the tax payers any money is impossible because unless you yourself are running it which i doubt you will. You are going to have to have an Deputy from the Sheriff's office do it and trust me they are not going to do it for free.

Thank You for your time.


I'm A Man Who Can Admit A Mistake!

I jumped the gun (no pun intended) here with my posting here. I said that the sheriff doesn't have the statutory authority to remove illegal guns from the county. I was partly right and wrong. The sheriff does have the authority to remove guns that are illegal. But only if a search warrant or arrest warrant must be issued in most instances that a sheriff or their deputy for them remove the weapons. As for the likely hood of a sheriffs office receiving such permission is highly uncommon in the commonwealth. So your platform idea is still moronic!

Thank You and have a nice day.