Have you ever wondered what a car would look like covered in 5 1/4-inch floppy discs?

Wonder no more (and note the CueCat on the dash). Spotted around Camberville.

Via Boston Reddit.



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    i386 CPUs on wheels?

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    Kind of blury but I think those are i386 CPUs secured to the wheels. Pin grid array! Somebody who has that many old CPUs sitting round is probably in the computer teardown business? Or a retro computer buff?

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    Finally someone found a use for all those old "1000 free hours of AOL!" floppies.

    /still using an AOL CD as a coaster

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    Covering a car in cds

    Now THAT would be a public nuisance. Unless they were painted or paint-side out, it would be highly refractive - as in "blinding".

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    I saw one, can't remember

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    I saw one, can't remember where, several years ago with overlapping CDs like fish scales. It wasn't "blinding", no more so than silver paint or window glass.

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