Heading to the Theater District on the Orange Line? Bring a flashlight

Tufts Medical Center in the dark

Attack of the shadow people this afternoon. Photo by Justin.

Around 2 p.m., Adam Castiglioni reported the lights were out at the Tufts Medical Center stop.

Transit Police responded fairly quickly:

Electricians are working on the problem and additional staff were sent to the station to assist passengers.

As of 5 p.m., however, Boston to a T reports:

Still pretty much pitch black at Tufts Medical station.



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Why was the station allowed

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Why was the station allowed to remain open without working lights? How the heck hasn't the MBTA been shut down for a slew of safety hazards which would get any other business shut down and fined out of existence?


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since it's two blocks from Tufts Medical Center to the Chinatown stop, and the Silver Line hits both of them. The elevators and escalators can't be working with no power, so the ill/mobility impaired/stroller rolling Tufts patients can't even get off at that stop.

There were shuttles

There was a shuttle available from the disabled. I believe there were two buses, one at Back Bay and one at Tufts, and they would run as needed upon request by any disabled passengers.

There was lighting!

There was both regular emergency lighting (on the upper mezzanines, but not that platforms) and temporary construction lighting assembled up and down the platforms. I assume the station was closed prior to the addition of temporary lighting.