Hernandez link to triple shooting that left two dead in the South End last year?

WFXT reports a source says investigators are looking into a possible connection between the now former New England Patriot and a still unsolved triple shooting that left two dead in a car at the intersection of Shawmut Avenue and Herald Street early on July 16, 2012.

At the time, police said witnesses reported gunfire from a gray "SUV style motor vehicle" with Rhode Island plates.



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Motive for killing Lloyd?

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A Globe report suggests that Hernandez's motive for killing Lloyd was that Lloyd had information connecting Hernandez to the 2012 shooting and Hernandez lost trust in Lloyd.



Hernandez, the Latino Whitey Bulger?

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Multiple shootings of different people. Shooting from one vehicle into another in the South End. Luring a friend into your car for a little ride, only to execute him to prevent him from bringing you down. Killing a future brother-in-law. Dumping the murder weapon so police can't find it. Stealing (or renting in this case) cars to avoid detection. Tampering with electronic surveillance. There are some parallels.

Not to glorify Bulger...

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...but Hernandez is too stupid to be the Hispanic Whitey. He wanted to be Scarface, but his incompetence paints him more like the third Tsarnaev brother.


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Whitey disappeared and wasn't caught for 16 years.

Hernandez taunted police with a broken cell phone and security system and hung out in his house for a few days before getting arrested in his drawers.


Tamerlan Hernandez

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I hope the nickname Tamerlan Hernandez catches on.

Other parallels to the Tsarnaev brothers is Hernandez's enthusiasm for marijuana, both Tam and Aaron are fathers of young kids, and Hernandez is linked to a second unsolved crime much like Tamerlan has been connected to the Waltham triple murder.

I do wonder if Hernandez was self-radicallized or not?

No mention of....

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a destroyed cell phone and video system in the indictment was there? I wonder if that was just a rumor...they seem to have video of him in his house, so if he did destroy it, he didn't do a very good job. Who needs surveillance INSIDE their house anyway? The whole story is just beyond bizarre.


Why not have surveillance

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Why not have surveillance inside the home to see who breaks in? Comcast has it where you can check on your kids or pets.......so it's not shocking and he is just somebody wh thinks but don't think!