Hero Samaritan rescues drunk from Red Line tracks at Downtown Crossing

Rosina Lucibello reports she was waiting for an Alewife train on the Red Line around 7:15 p.m. tonight when an apparent drunk fell onto the tracks on the other side:

Watched a drunk guy fall. Then immediately another commuter jumped in and got him. Simple as that. He never hesitated. We were speechless. The guy went down on tracks. Grabbed him and helped him up. Then pulled himself back up. Very heroic and quick! We got nervous because they announced train approaching. Tense moment.



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Twin heroes

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This good guy, and I assume, his identical twin (the identical beards gave it away) boarded a Braintree train just afterward. I was seated across from them, and couldn't help but overhear their conversation.

He seemed like a standup guy, not wanting to be labeled a hero. Even joked a bit about the broken house key and torn-up jeans his brother got after going in after him to help retrieve the drunk. After getting off at North Quincy, still glowing, he opened a door for a lady with a smile.

Nice work guys!

Nice work Mike! Just a day in

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Nice work Mike! Just a day in the life. Playing music on the radio and saving lives.