He's a real Axe man

Axe manSomerville Police say this guy stole "$700 worth of Axe products" in two separate trips to the McGrath Highway Stop & Shop on Monday and Wednesday.

So next time you're on the T and you're suddenly overwhelmed by the smell of Axe, look around for him. Then contact Somerville PD at 617-625-1600, ext. 7271.



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    yuck.. I love chocolate just as much as the next guy but man.. I work a block from their factory and it STINKS when they are making chocolate...

    On a side note.. as a child, I visited the Hershey Factory in Hershey, PA. I remember getting off the little tram that took you thru the factory and totally puking. The small was nauseating.

    There's 700 bucks worth of Axe on the shelves?

    And how did he manage to boost 700 bucks worth of axe from a Stop&Shop? Even considering he made 2 trips [how the hay did he pull that off? Didn't they recognize the inventory loss the first time?] it still sounds like a lot of Axe product to be on the shelf.

    Some of that stuff is pretty

    Some of that stuff is pretty expensive, and they make a variety of products (stick deodorant, shampoo, bodywash, aerosol deodorant, soap, anything that can be scented), I think I could reasonably see someone making off with $350 in Axe at one time.