Hey, New York Times, next time, ask a local about our neighborhood names, mkay?

The New York Times does its obligatory Bulger overview with its obligatory paragraph about how South Boston has changed:

Though Mr. Bulger's reign in South Boston ended almost two decades ago - and the gritty Southie of his era has morphed into SoBo and is now overrun with yuppies and glassy condos - people here are still gripped by his story.

Everybody who calls South Boston SoBo please raise your hands - and then buy yourself a one-way ticket to New York.

H/t Dale Cruse, who adds: "Pretty sure even the Yuppies and DINKs in South Boston would give you a beating for calling it 'SoBo'."



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      Is "yuppies" even allowed by

      Is "yuppies" even allowed by the NyTimes style guide? They have to attach Mr. or Mrs. to every surname but they don't mind casually tossing out an unattributed pejorative that probably describes half their readers?


      SoBo. That sounds so funny to me. Sobo. Sobo. Sobo. Ahahahahah.


      Yeah, nobody would try and shorten it to that. If the NYT actually tried to research, his source must be trolling him.


      I think the Times is

      I think the Times is following the lead of this AP color piece put out on Monday which states quite clearly:

      '"Southie," as it's been called by generations of natives, is now called "Sobo" by newcomers who live there.'

      This is the first time I've read anything describing such a thing as 'SoBo'. I see the stupidity is catching within the NY-centric media bubble. How long before Lesley Stahl calls it as such on 60 Minutes?

      Isn't the AP Boston desk the

      Isn't the AP Boston desk the same one that called the wrong winner on election night recently— and then pretended like it never happened??

      How are they a credible source for the NYT or anyone else?

      SoBo - Like SoHo

      Because, at the NYT it's "Always about MEEEEEEEEE"

      Other cities can't have their own naming conventions - we have to pretend that their realtors copy our realtors and make shitup!

      This. Every "up and coming"

      This. Every "up and coming" neighborhood needs some kind of TriBeCa-esque catchy nickname. Realtors are trying to rebrand my own neighborhood as ProCro (Prospect Heights/Crown Heights.) It ain't working.

      The Fidi is across FpT from

      The Fidi is across FpT from the iDistrict next Sobo. Sowa is seperated from Sobo by the SoBay and Dot, which is next to the Rox. Bbay is adjacent to the flat, the hill, and the village, and the office part of it around Stuart Street is sometimes called midtown.

      Really? Which ones?

      None of those appear in any early 20th-century slang dictionary I've ever seen. The closest is "dish", but that always applied to an attractive woman, never a man. I think that Sub Pop receptionist just made them all up off the top of her head.

      Wikipedia fail

      I fully expect this to turn into another of that special category of reversion fight, where the NyTimes is considered a more authoritative secondary source than "reality."

      I wonder if we could cite this thread as a source, proving that the correct demonym for South Boston is "Southie," or if we're somehow tainted with BoCo (Boston cooties).


      rsybuchanan wrote:

      "...or if we're somehow tainted with BoCo (Boston cooties)."

      Actually, BoCo already exists as a nickname for The Boston Conservatory. And BoCoCoCo is short for the Boston Common Coffee Company. (Not to be confused, of course, with Boloco.)

      Figures: Broker used the term in 2011

      "SoBo" Is South Boston the NEW South End??

      I rather like the name "SoBo" it reminds me of "SoHo". If you think about it they are quite similar. Right? SoHo is known for its artists' lofts and art galleries. It is also known for it's trendy boutiques and national and international chain stores. We are not talking about New York but I thought it was fun to compare for a moment. OK, let's get back on track and talk about South Boston and all it has to offer.

      But wait! Some "daring" brokers tried using it in 2005!

      Somerville too...

      A friend of mine, when he lived near Sullivan Square, once received some sort of promotional material referring to his neighborhood as WeSo[1], for West Somerville. We had a good laugh with that one.
      I'm fond of the local nickname Camberville though. Not as fond of the Dig's nickname for Boston/Allston/Brookline as Bostoline.

      [1]Not sure if this was intended to be pronounced "wee-soh" or "weh-soh"