High-speed dirt-bike crash in Egleston Square sends man to hospital in really bad shape

A man on a dirt bike hit a car on Washington Street at Westminster Avenue around 10:45 p.m. He was taken to the hospital in such bad shape that homicide detectives were called in to investigate the crash.



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glad to see..

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that you changed the title from motorcycle to dirt bike
they way some of these guys zip around on these minibikes, is a menace
many of them are lacking basic saftey features like: LIGHTS!

Dirt bikes everywhere

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Dirt Bikes, four wheelers, etc. are out of control on Blue Hill Avenue and all around the Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan area flying around, doing wheelies and not wearing helmets......maybe this will impact the practice by the local kids....but we shall see....I was on Wilcock street in Dorchester a few months ago and a few kids on four wheelers came flying out of a back yard driving the wrong way on the street. I walked down to the police station to report it and the cop on the desk said they can't do much about the kids because they can't track down where they live......seems like someone needs to step up to prevent future bad accidents where folks on dirt bikes and in cars get hurt or worse....


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Arrest them and put them in a holding cell untill they fess up and call mom.

If they're not kids, arrest them and hold them untill you can ID them propper.

How do you suggest the police

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How do you suggest the police catch them ? They are specifically told not to chase dirt bikes. The department brass is worried about accidents and injuries ( or lawsuits ) that may occur . These kids who ride them know that and when they see an officer the laugh and run away knowing they won't be caught .

How about

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Talk to residents, find out when and where these dirtbags are wilding out and post up some unmarked cars there to box them in. Maybe if the cops actually felt like working they would be able to find out where these losers live just from asking around. For crying out loud, Brookline PD just went on a high speed chase for some scooter losers.

Against policy

Never chase a scooter or moped unless the violation is some sort of felony or the public is in danger in another capacity.

And those guys you want posted in unmarked cars looking for scooters are already posted in unmarked cars looking for gangbangers that have warrants for murder.

Box in a dirtbike? Are you ok

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Box in a dirtbike? Are you ok ? A four thousand pound car is not nearly as agile as a dirt bike . It doesn't work that way . Simple fact is that the city officials do not want police chasing a dirtbike for fear of a lawsuit from the same criminal . It's the sad world we live in . The savages on the bikes are the problem .... Where are the neighborhood leaders pounding their chests for it to stop?

I'm fine, are you okay?

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It's hard to believe but cars can box in dirt bikes and ATV's. Use your imagination. If the police aren't part of the solution, they're part of the problem. They're so lazy they wouldn't even lift a finger for a felony larceny by a cabbie that happened to a friend a couple weeks ago.

You don't get it.

It is against policy. People get hurt. And no, the bike riders usually aren't serious gangbangers.

And what felony larceny are you talking about? Your friend lose his Iphone5 and wants to blame the cab driver for taking it? And you want the police to do what? Lost iphones in cabs basically never get found, but the Hackney unit always takes reports on those. I would call them.

I watched a couple of guys

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I watched a couple of guys get stopped on my little street last week. I guess they just got ID'd and sent on their way. That damn bike was still on the street.

You'd think the city and

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You'd think the city and state would be out to bag these operators. Not paying licensing fees, registration fees, excise taxes, etc. on these vehicles is letting revenue slip away from a hungry beast.


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Not hardly. Seems this is a problem wherever young people can't afford a car to get around. Dirtbikes have been popular transportation in rural shitholes for quite a long time - areas where there are miles between things - only recently have city kids picked them up and used them on streets.

We almost hit a kid on a dirt

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We almost hit a kid on a dirt bike on route 133 in Andover the other night. He had no lights, helmet, anything and cut in front of our car. We had to slam on the brakes and swerve like crazy. Still a little shaky about it.


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I'm sorry for the woman who's car was damaged, but not so much for the rider. Anyone who lives near mass ave can attest to these morons flying through on their bikes and for wheelers every Sunday evening.

Last year I came within 2 feet of being run over by these clowns while walking on the *sidewalk* while their whole posse was being chased by the cops.

Four words: Sunday special spike strips

The "motorcycle" that was hit

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The "motorcycle" that was hit by a cop at Norfolk Ave and Langdon St in Roxbury last week was also a mini-dirt bike. I am amazed there haven't been more serious accidents of this sort.

Why homicide?

If the bike hit the car, this hardly seems like it could be the car driver's fault.


They have their own crash recon unit (or at least guys who are trained in crash recon). Special operations and traffic also have ACTAR certified officers. Not the most organized system but the bottom line is that these guys are trained to investigate motor vehicle deaths.

Isn't it just a big duh

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that any motorized vehicle capable of great speeds be licensed and registered? These aren't Big Wheels. And yeah--I'm tired of the noise and the general sense of out of control menace, especially in Franklin Park.

When there is no rule of law

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When there is no rule of law -from the Bronze unwilling or unable to enforce it- it is Thunderdome.

My dirt bike bikes

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Lmao , god help me for saying this . The dirt bike that was in this crash was mine . It was stolen from me about 3 weeks ago along with my 7 year old sons bike . It was taken out of my basement that was broken into . This is what I like to call karma . What go's around comes around . That's what he gets for doing what he did . The police called me to let me know they found my bike .