Hit-and-run crash in Allston sends two to the hospital, one in critical condition

UPDATE: Joseph Besnilian, 23, of Watertown, is scheduled for arraignment in Brighton District Court on charges of OUI and leaving the scene of an accident causing personal injury in his VW Jetta, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Stanley Staco reports a car plowed into two pedestrians at Franklin and Lincoln streets around 12:40 a.m. and that one of the two was taken away in critical condition.

The driver then sped away, but Sean Olsen reports that not long after police found a Volkswagen with blood on it and heavy front-end damage on North Beacon Street in Allston.

ABBikes reports the two victims were bicyclists.



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    Infamous intersection

    Cars speed here like it's another lane on the Mass Pike, even though it's a tiny residential street with a crosswalk. It's where the Franklin Street pedestrian bridge touches down. I think someone gets killed here every few years. At least, there's stories floating around.

    Hopefully these two will make a full recovery.


    "cars" speed?

    Pretty sure the person inside operating the car decides to speed - not that the car decides "hmm, I think I'll speed!"

    Speed alone is not how you end up hitting TWO cyclists, and then leaving them for dead. There were tweets that described seeing the crash and the driver speeding off, if I remember correctly.


    You know it doesn't matter, right?

    It's not a synecdochite - it's transference of blame.

    When we describe the victim of a shooting, we don't say "he was shot by a handgun." We say "John Smith shot him with a handgun."

    Yet when someone is injured or killed in a traffic collision, magically, the inanimate object becomes sentient and is responsible for the collision, not the person controlling it.

    "He was hit by a car."
    "I don't bike in Boston, I'm terrified of the cars."
    "Cars go too fast here."

    Same with calling crashes "accidents." An accident is something that is unforeseeable and unavoidable. A drunk driver hitting people is neither unforeseeable or unavoidable.


    I was there. Me and a friend

    I was there. Me and a friend stayed with them untill help arrived. It was a gruesome scene. Looked like something out of a movie. Gotta say that the ambulences got there very fast. Hope they make a full recovery. Also hope he gets a very long sentence for what he did


    attn kristina

    Some folks are thinking of trying to get a group to maybe reverse-trick-or-treat your brother & GF, or just swing by outside and give our wishes for recovery, or drop off a well-wishes card...er....poster. Lot of us feel like anyone else on a bike is family in a way.

    Hopefully they're not too badly hurt and back at home, but wherever they are, we'd like to show our support, if it's ok with you/them?



    we will be starting a fundraiser to help these guys pay off the medical bills that they will incur. i will let you know the site where you can donate as soon as it is up and running.

    k, can you get in touch, please?

    Thank you for staying with them. When I've been hit, there's sometimes been someone who stuck around, and it meant something.

    Witness accounts from these crashes are pretty rare. If you use twitter, find me at @bitsbybike. I'd like to talk with you about what happened...particularly since there seem to be a lot of conflicting details.


    Thank You K

    I am the female who you stayed with that night so thank you, thank you so much, I did almost die that night due to blood loss and blessedto know there are good people out there , both me and my bf are thankful. He has recovered well and I just got out of the hospital and in a rehab facility for my injuries and keeping positive and working hard towards getting out, home, and back to a normal life I am so blessed to have :)