The hole story: Somebody is stealing our storm-drain covers

Boston Police report at least 20 storm-drain covers have gone missing in Roxbury, Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain and Mattapan.

The removal of these storm drain covers poses a risk to the residents of the City of Boston. A majority of the incidents have taken place on Friday night into Saturday morning. Residents are strongly encouraged to contact 911 if they see a suspicious vehicle to be idling during these hours. Police are asking residents to be vigilant while walking or driving, especially at night.



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    $1000 Bounty

    This is really dangerous! I'd put out a bounty: "$1000 reward for information leading to the arrest of..."
    Increase it by $100 increments weekly.


    Scrap pawning

    Massachusetts really needs to move quickly to make scrap yards act like pawn shops when paying for scrap. There's no reason anyone should be accepting manhole covers at scrap yards - they are obviously stolen!


    Boston is rapidly turning

    Boston is rapidly turning into a World Class City with Third World problems. On the one hand we do amazing things on a global stage and on the other our infrastructure and certain types of crimes belong in the Third World.


    I hope this does not drain

    I hope this does not drain BPD resources as they try to uncover the thief or leaves a back-up of other cases. It leaves a hole in my heart knowing the danger this can cause. In fact, it is very grating. But they will get to the bottom of this one drip at a time.



    Gore st at Lambert, right in a spot where bikes would ride and just about every car going by hit, plus several pedestrians around who were unaware of it. Stupid dangerous, and in the dark with freezing rain. I stayed for over 20 minutes before a cop came to put an suv over it waiting for DPW to get there.