Horganing spreads

On the off chance you missed it, Steve Horgan is the cop captured exulting over David Ortiz's home run, even as Torii Hunter was flipping backwards into the bullpen in front of him.

Naturally, this became a meme in roughly 5 seconds and now it's everywhere - although there seems to be some disagreement on whether Horganing requires somebody to be up-ended in front of you. Some early examples:



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    "You're adopted"

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    Tony Cristaldi @WxmanTony

    Looks as if the kid is freaking out as she's finding out she's adopted.

    I know tons of adopters and adoptees. Didn't appreciate this one.

    Am I missing something?

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    Much Ado

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    Lighten up, Francis.

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    Give it a rest.

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    I'm Adopted...

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    I'm adopted, and I thought this was funny... Lighten up!

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