Hour-long delays on commuter rail out of South Station

UPDATE: Around 7:15, a Needham train inched through Back Bay while other trains got re-routed through Dorchester.

A switch just past Back Bay apparently decided to show MBTA officials what it thought of their idea to delay needed maintenance this evening, so now commuters get to enjoy the culinary offerings of South Station, or the two Dunkin' Donuts at Back Bay.

As commuters sat on unmoving trains, the T was endearing itself to the ones on Twitter with:

#MBTA GM Scott addresses @WalkBoston's Annual Celebration on growing all modes of transit together #choosegrowth



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WalkBoston? All modes?

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Well, given the T's great failures, I suppose WalkBoston would cover all modes with such a list as: Birkenstocks, Merrell, Rockport, Propét, SAS, Teva, New Balance, etc.

Well at least Hubway and all

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Well at least Hubway and all the new bike lanes can get put to good use in another month.

I'm ready...

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...for the return of Hubway. 100% guartanteed faster and more reliable than the miserable Green Line. I agree that politically MBTA operations may have to get worse before they can get better. If the T were shut completely for a few days, the ridiculous traffic jams would quickly convince doubters of the need for decent public transportation.

For a Commuter Rail failure?

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For a Commuter Rail failure? Even if you could ride that far, there would be no Hubway station at the other end.