How many Celtics fans do you think will show up at the Garden Jan. 24 with a box of cereal?

Honey Nut CheeriosThanks to the investigative reporters at the New York Daily News, we now know how Kevin Garnett set Carmelo Anthony off:

"Your... wife tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios," Garnett exclaimed to Anthony on the court, rhe News reports.

OK, I must be getting old. I get the part about taunting him about breaking up with his wife, alright, but Honey Nut Cheerios?

What kind of insult is that? Is there some hidden sexual connotation to the bee I don't get (like, is he the Nasonex Bee's secret lover) that would set a presumably mature adult off?



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On a wild guess

I'd say it might have something to do with the fact that the character Omar Little on The Wire (who was gay) had a noted affinity for Honey Nut Cheerios. So it may have been Garnett calling Anthony gay without the usual offensive term.

Or maybe it's the Grape Ape talking.

Omar from "The Wire" is

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Omar from "The Wire" is probably the biggest pop-culture figure I can think of in any type of Honey Nut Cheerios reference

While I would love the

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While I would love the possibility of this being some sort of insult that requires knowledge of The Wire, I'm pretty sure Garnett's intent was more straightforward, the implication being he's had sexual relations with Anthony's wife.

dig on La La?

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Makes sense, but then it seems like a bit if a Moe Howard-patented double slap to Anthony ("well I slept with your wife!" ~G. Costanza) and then to the lovely La La -- she tastes like honey - ok that's fine - but she's nutty and ...oaty?

Well, I guess that's better than Wheatabix and cod-liver oil. old is KG? Either hire some decent insult writers (maybe Robert Smigel) or just shut up and play basketball.

Not to mention ...

... likely to have been made up by not terribly imaginitive or anatomically savvy middle schoolers.