How the mighty have fallen: Bank robber charged as Red Line money grabber

BroxtonTransit Police report arresting Christopher Broxton, 36, of Quincy, on charges he grabbed money out of a Red Line rider's hands at JFK/UMass on Monday.

Broxton, who then allegedly fled with his pit bull, was arrested Friday thanks in large part to tips from the public, Transit Police said.

That the public recognized Broxton is no surprise, since he's fairly well known in Quincy and other South Shore towns for repeated criminal exploits, including bank robberies in 2010. In total, Broxton has been convicted more than 40 times for various offenses.

Innocent, etc.



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Maybe he thought his clever disguise

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As the skeg with BROXTON tattooed on his back would make him unrecognizable.

Good riddance. Don't come back this time, BRO

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By a 'friend' no doubt.

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So, he "allegedly" fled the scene?!?

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With respect Adam, it's a sad day for us all when even a blogger can't report on actual facts without reverting to the knee-jerk reaction so many journalists have developed of inserting needless disclaimers into their reporting.

The suspect wasn't there when the police arrived. So, it should be pretty obvious he fled the scene.

Now, I'll grant you that you, for now, the suspect allegedly stole the money, which is a criminal charge that needs to be proven in a court of law.

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