Hub man wears Google glasses

Joe Kinsella posts a diary of his first day wearing Google Glass:

Before heading into Boston I stopped at a gas station. While pumping gas, one of my contact lenses bothered me, and I instinctively winked several times. Since wink detection was enabled, a few seconds later, I was the proud owner of several photographs of the gas station and the pump. ;)

I am not sure if wearing Google Glass is legal in Massachusetts. I can say the distraction was nominal though, since the directions were voiced into my earpiece, and the map only appeared on the heads up display shortly before the next turn.



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    Distracted Driving

    Great. Just what we all need. Another thing to distract drivers from paying attention to the road. This is a very bad idea. I know technology is rapidly changing everything. But at some point common sense needs to be included. Happy Motoring!


    Evasive intrustion on people's privacy

    These glases beyond the pale. I understand we have a minimal right to privacy in public, but these things cross the line of basic civility. I can how someone with,say, Aspergers, wouldn't see what the issue was, but any other reasonable and properly raised and socialzed person should.

    Saw a dude on the train at MIT Kendall wearing these things. It was a packed train, and he literally staring in my direction inches from my face. I wasn't amused. At the very least stores, etc. should ban their use.


    You need to read the entire article

    Down towards the bottom, he's posted a selfie showing what happens when he's in photo mode: A rather obvious white rectangle shows up, sort of like the red light you get with a real camera but more than the nothing you get with an iPhone. So Google Guy probably wasn't taking your photo; he was probably reading his e-mail.

    I did read it

    and realize he wasn't targeting me or anyhing. I'm not paranoid. But it's all bside the point. He could have and could wth others. The glasses of course could be hacked altered to make it far less obvious the camera or mic (?) was in use. Plus they are just plain rude,worse than someone yapping on their phone inappropriately. Just my opinions.

    A Thought of a Rebuttal

    His counterpoint you point out is not irrefutable. An iPhone doesn't give any red light or white box, most scenarios means the person will have to take time to pull out of pocket, go to picture mode, and hold it up. Enough time for a person to apply an ounce of prevention and stop whatever action that prompt one is attempt to take a picture off versus a cure of trying to make one delete a picture (or even just the time it takes is enough time to miss it).

    In my mind, the privacy issue plays up in a scenario where someone does something embarrassing in public.** In the past, it would happen and it would just fade into forgotten memory actually aided by anonymity of a crowd (that's an element that I notice is missing in debates/discussions/arguments about public vs. privacy - the crowd in public provides a type of privacy of its own). More recently in the ubiquity of smartphone, it may still as the moment may pass before someone successfully takes a picture. With the smartglass, all it takes is a wink.

    **To give fair balance, this is doubled-edge. Cameras being even more easily accessible to quickly record means more means to take moments of embarrassment or similar things, but also more chance to record actions that are reprehensive. Also, there's other benefits that I'm not exploring for brevity too.

    I'm skeptical

    Is your right to privacy being violated because the person is capable of taking pictures of you in public, as they legally can using their cell phone, digital camera, security camera, or other photographic device (including those mini "spy cam" things)? Or is your right to privacy being violated because the Glass isn't as obvious as a regular camera (ex: they're not pointing a 6" long SLR lens in your face?)

    I think they're a tad creepy too, but there's no legal requirement that someone take your picture in a blatant and obvious way in public.


    You must be fun at parties

    Are you one of those people at parties who ducks every time somebody pulls out a camera, screaming, "No pictures, please!!"

    But, seriously, you lost me at Asperger's. People with Asperger syndrome aren't drooling idiots who can't, say, realize that they're having their picture taken without their approval. Way to throw a whole group of people under the bus Red Line train.

    I know super-feminists think the only thing a guy could possibly want to do with these things is to get his best unsuspected shot of every woman that crosses his path, but they actually do have dozens of other uses.

    Or maybe not--maybe their just retaliation for this website, or this website or this website which invite women (and male admirers of guys) to post pictures of guys on public transit; or maybe this website or this website which ask users to post candid pictures of anybody who doesn't fit their oh-so-esteemed view of fashion and/or appearance. Remember, people, it's funny as long you're not the one being made fun of.

    I'm the OP of the post

    you were responding to.I'm a dude, am not by any stretch a feminazi, not by any stretch tight assed, and have been informed many times,by many people, that I have a great sense of humor.

    There's a difference berween a party, being among friends, and for example, a crowded train (or fill in the blank) full of strangers. The reason I mentioned folks afflicted with Aspergers (or anyone who ranks on the autistic spectrum) is because their social deficit indeed makes such differintiation very difficult if not impossible.I wasn't trying to be mean spirited.

    Here's a thought

    If you don't like these things, don't go out in public.

    They are not recording all the time, and don't intercept your brainwaves or anything like that.

    Annoying and geeky, perhaps ... but if you think they are any different from somebody holding a phone, you need to do some research.

    Saw a guy wearing Google

    Saw a guy wearing Google Glass last week at Gov Center station. Didn't realize how large the battery part of the frame really is and the guy looked like a massive tool. While it's probably legal, it should be illegal and confiscated by the Fashion Police for crimes against taste.