I would pay to watch a reality series involving 20somethings dumped in Readville without a car

Unfortunately, instead we get ABC Family's impending "docusoap" called "The Vineyard," in which a bunch of 20somethings are dumped on Martha's Vineyard:

Tight quarters, new friends and new rivals, all living, working and playing together, make this picturesque playground ripe for mischief and romance.

Oh, please, at least make one of them "a pretty 'Southie girl' with a tough streak." Because we don't see nearly enough of those.



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    Ohhh The Vineyard...

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    So that must be the one that they shot in Diesel. ...because Somerville and the Vineyard are so very similar.

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    Are we sure this isn't by, for and of the staff of Jack Wills?

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    Do we know whether this is a reality-type show? It sounds a lot like what I saw when I happened upon the Jack Wills store in Edgartown last September.

    Incidentally, I've seen that ridiculously painted (pink and navy stripes) Jack Wills Land Rover on Allston St. a few times lately - did they get the co-eds to move north for the winter or do they have one of those for every store (apparently there is one in town, too)? I was told that they did some kind of photo shoot with it down the Vineyard last summer.

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    Carless in Readville!

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    20 year olds in Readville with out a car?? I don't think you could pay them to do it. The Bus stops at 7:30!!! Bars around here are not really for the twenty something crowd. They could walk to the commuter rail but they better be home by 11. Oh & cabs downtown never know where Readville is or they just don't want to go there. :)

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    The Vineyard?

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    My brother is a chef at a restaurant out there. I'll have to see if he knows anything about this tomfoolery.

    FWIW: It's not uncommon for seasonal employees to live together in boarding houses owned by restaurants. At Thompson's Clam Bar (RIP), it was like fraternity/sorority row down there in the summer.

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