If Charles Yancey runs for re-election, he could face opposition from the new end of his district

The Dorchester Reporter reports Steven Godfrey of Roslindale has taken steps to run against the city's longest serving city councilor - who has yet to announce whether he'll run again or maybe run for something else.




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Take my Councilor,

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Take my Councilor, please...anybody but Yancey. Goo luck, Mr. Godfrey.

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He alternates...

...between smarmy and prickly. Isn't he aware of that and how it won't sell?

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100 or so staff at Boston City Council...

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100 or so staff at Boston City Council... a) How do they influence what is put before City Councilors? b) How do staff influence priorities of City Councilors?

Research Director Michael J Nichols

Citizen input.
In order to maximize citizen input into the legislative process, the Council provides information on committee hearings and Council sessions. This information may be accessed through Boston's web site or in some cases may be faxed or mailed to interested parties.

Boston City Council Library.
The City Council maintains a reference library which is open to city employees, students and the general public. The library contains City Council Minutes, Municipal Registers and City Documents dating from the early 1800’s to the present. In addition, the library contains current publications relating to municipal law and finance.

Metro journalists.
Metro journalists have failed to look at the individuals that make up the important staff at Boston City Council.

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b - bye

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Time for some fresh ideas. Yancey needs to say bye bye.

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City Council, Comply with ADA Americans With Disabilities Act

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>"Dear Boston City Council members, Please comply with ADA Americans With Disabilities Act making available for folks with hearing loss or cognitive difficulties a) the plain English stenographic record of the Public Meeting of Boston City Council and b) Caption the webcasts of the Public Meeting. Budgeted for with public funds the stenographic records are MORE COMPLETE than minutes. It just isn't common sense withholding files of data entered in the Public Meeting that make up the entire stenographic record and that would make the Public Meeting of Boston City Council more accessible to more people."

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Where is Vicky

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