Innocent until proven a dumbass: South End man charged with submitting bogus Marathon-victim money request

Branden Mattier, 22, was arrested today when an undercover state trooper gave him a bogus check for $2.2 million for the pain and suffering he allegedly suffered when his aunt's legs were damaged so severely by the Marathon bombings that she would need a double amputation.

The problem, the state Attorney General's office reports, is that the aunt actually died 10 years ago.

According to prosecutors, Mattier attended an informational session for Marathon survivors in May, then filed a claim along with a letter allegedly from the chief of trauma services at Boston Medical Center about his aunt's injuries:

According to officials at the Boston Medical Center, Mattier’s aunt never received treatment at the hospital in connection with the Boston Marathon bombing nor did the letter originate from the trauma center. The investigation further revealed through public records that Onevia Bradley had actually died more than 10 years earlier.

The One Fund submitted Mattier's request to law-enforcement officials.

Mattier now faces charges of attempted larceny over $250 and identity theft, the AG's office says. In a statement, Attorney General Martha Coakley says:

We allege that this defendant attempted to defraud The One Fund of more than $2 million. Because every dollar was allocated to victims, he sought to take these funds away from real victims of the Marathon attack and from the thousands of people who had so generously given to help those who truly need it. We commend The One Fund for uncovering this and for referring it to our office for further investigation.

Innocent, etc.



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    For one I might agree with Will


    In the name of

    everyone that was hurt, or helped those that were
    How Dare You Be such a Self Serving Lying Asshole?

    For all that Boston has stepped up to show it's strength and pride, people like that make us look selfish.

    I hope his cellmates are built like brick walls.

    Happens every day

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    Insurance fraud, at least.

    Probably thought he was dealing with the local yokels and not an organization designed by someone who had to deal with all sorts of claims in the face of a total lack of any remains.

    Cottage industries

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    An unfortunate by product of tragedies like the Marathon bombing is that entire cottage industries grow up around them. Think of all the scumbags selling bootleg "Boston Strong" merchandise on the street and at T stops and keeping the profits. People find a way to line their pockets from tragedies. I'm glad this guy got caught. I wonder how many don't?

    I don't understand why, even

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    I don't understand why, even if he did really have an aunt who lost her legs, having an AUNT who lost HER legs would entitle him to 2 million. Is that even a thing that would land one with 2 million dollars? This guy must be the hugest numbskull ever. Pillory and stocks is an awesome idea. I think we should totally pull it out of storage and put in up in the Common and he can do a whole rap-tastic performance for all his fans whilst in it.

    How that might work

    If the aunt was incapacitated and he had power of attorney over her affairs, he could file on her behalf.

    The catch is, of course, that the money would be hers and provide for her continuing care.

    Relatives of the deceased will be getting payouts, too.

    Can you say Stupid? He just

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    Can you say Stupid? He just was a lil to thirsty....and dumb! Then used the dead... Shame, shame, shame! Jokes on him Now

    More scams

    The fraud continues. Here's an article from the Globe about a sister who tried to scam the One Fund out of almost 1/2 a million dollars. Claimed she had a brain injury. She didn't. And she's not even from Boston, she's from NY. One Fund needs better management. Bostonians are generous, but that needs to be respected.

    Victims were from all over the country/world

    As is the money that flowed into the One Fund.

    It isn't out of the realm of possibility for someone from NY to have been injured. There were many stories of people from Virginia, Indiana, NY, etc. having legs blown off and the like. It is a national/international event.

    It is suspicious if there is no record of them having traveled to the Marathon or Boston or being injured and treated on that day.

    Two truths about life

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    There's always middlemen and there's always skimming off the top. We can only try to reduce both as much as possible, but they'll never go away. It's human nature.

    Now, do you have info that fraud is worse than in other areas? How about the fund not taking measures, and the AG not looking into discrepancies.

    Seems to me the fund caught one, and the AG looked into one claim that the fund didn't have the ability to catch and got them as well. Seems like a pretty good record IMO.