iPads, projector stolen from Dorchester school

Boston Police report they are investigating the theft of 15 iPads, a projector and an iPhone over the weekend from the Bridge Boston Charter School, 2 McLellan St..

If you know someone who's come into possession of a large number of iPads, contact B-3 detectives at 617-343-4712 or the anonymous tip line by calling 800-494-TIPS or texting TIP to CRIME (27463).



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    No GPS?

    There's no GPS for tracking the iPhone? Nor iPads (I don't know anything about iPads)? I would think a public school especially would have GPS enabled on iPads (if that's possible). I assume the iPhone is a personal item, non-school related, however. Unless the person knew what they were doing with the phone (usually isn't likely), they should definitely have some sort of track on the phone.

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    bps is not going to pay extra

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    bps is not going to pay extra to have 4G enabled ipads, thus they only have internet connections when in range of wifi that was already set up.

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    Still, our

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    Tax dollars not at work. :(

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    oops. either way, BPS or not,

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    oops. either way, BPS or not, a school is not going to pay $30/month per iPad for cellular plans (on top of the increased initial cost of the 4G versus wifi only model)

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    I don't know how it works on

    I don't know how it works on an iPad, but my iPhone has a free feature that will track the phone on iCloud. If that's enabled, something tells me that the iPhone and iPads won't be too far from each other.

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    All iPads

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    Have "find my iPhone/iPad assuming someone enabled them and set them up.

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