It had been awhile since we had a really good Red Line delay

Crowded Red Line platform at Park Street

Where's Waldo? Not getting on the Red Line at Park Street, that's for sure. Photo by Shumita Basu.

The T's now acknowledging that a dead train at JFK/UMass means "severe" delays. As in 30 and 45-minute delays.

UPDATE, 5:30 p.m. Problems persist - The Braintree-bound are being told to take any train they can jam into to JFK for a shuttle bus.

At South Station, Kate Birney reports:

just got pulled off braintree to alewife & routed to an ashmont car that’s not moving!

Erica Mattison adds:

Chaotic, packed Braintree Red Line becomes chaotic, packed Ashmont train. "Ugh" by conductor on loudspeaker says it all.

Mark Sauter advises:

Passengers close to rioting.

Jeremy Ackman captured the scene at JFK/UMass around 5:45 p.m.:

JFK  station



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OMG - I'm so dense

I can't believe it took me half a day to understand that comment. I should hand in my woman card immediately. Since this is a family show, I will keep the jokes running through my head to myself.

My name is Nancy and I upvoted this comment.


That if the same amount of

That if the same amount of money thrown at ineffective countermeasures against the terrorist bogeyman were spent on, you know, infrastructure, we wouldn't have daily breakdowns of 40-year-old subway cars.

But clearly my sarcasm escaped you.



Like, we should keep trolling Romney and all the other idiots with too much money and not enough attention on this. Then, have some kind of ceremony where we invite them to announce their plans to the public, then we just throw pies at them.

As for the Red Line, SHUT IT DOWN. Gordon Ramsay wouldn't abide this if he were in charge. Tell everybody to use their fare money to buy a Smart Car and build a dozen parking garages for them. Disabled folks can take Uber, with a private contractor providing a service previously offered by the government.

Better yet, offer every big employer downtown a tax break for letting their employees work X hours a year at home.

The MBTA should make announcements

They should contain the address, phone, e-mail, and website for state senator Stan Rosenberg.

He of the "why should western mass "subsidize" the MBTA?". Go to his office, and demand that his bullshit dump on the T be fixed ... and then go to your state Senator's office and demand that any and all highway funds for Western MA be held up until the T debt is fixed.

This asshole needs to pay for his handiwork.