It just wouldn't be a morning rush hour without dead trains on the T


At least two trains died on the Red Line this morning, one around 6:30 a.m. at Porter and another a little more than an hour later just outside Alewife.

It was the latter death that bollixed up the morning commute. At 8:19 a.m., Jessica tweeted:

Commuters have been waiting at N Quincy since 7:35am. When will there be room on the #mbta to get on? #freezing & it's not even snowing yet.

Around 6:40 a.m., Orange Line riders heading into town from the north got to join in on the fun when one of their trains died.




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Once again

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Imagine if 9 out of every 10 mornings, one of the highways into the city suddenly stopped working for no reason. ("Route 2 is broken!") and how quickly and with how little expense they'd fix it. But it's just the T, so these things just happen.

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No need to imagine

Ever hear of 93Fast14?

In August 2010, an overpass in Medford on I-93 partially collapsed. It was not only immediately patched up, but, when inspection of 13 similar-age and similarly neglected structures resulted in fail, all of them were rebuilt over 10 weekends in 2011.

Although, in all fairness, my highwayman father pointed out that the first to fail was in very poor condition when we drove under it in 2008 and contacted a buddy of his at MassHighway about it. So, yes, there was at least one complaint that was ignored.

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Preliminary design work for replacing

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the I-93 bridges in Medford began in 2009. The work was accellerated, including changing the contruction staging to the Fast14 concept, after the overpass incident in 2010.

And the overpass incident you cite was simply a large pothole in the deck that was patched, but re-appeared the next day. The bridge itself was never in danger of immediately collapsing.

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ill take a delay on red over green anyday

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having moved on to the red line, i fondly reminisce about my days on the green line when every single day was anybody's guess as to what your ETA to work would be within a three hour window and whether you'd get stuck waiting outside, on street level, in the tunnels, or give up and call in sick.

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