It wasn't a dead train that caused problems on the Red Line this morning

Crowding at Ashmont

Blame signal problems at Ashmont for the slow pace of trains, which led to the sort of platform crowding Erica Mattison walked into at Ashmont around 8:20 a.m.



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See the woman looking at that mess from the top of the stairs?

That's usually me at North Quincy and I'm thinking "Oh, (expletives deleted)! Why does the Red Line suck so badly these days? Then I huff and puff and tweet from the platform all the while thinking "Should I take that job offer on Long Island? How bad can it be there? Ugh. I really don't want to live in Stonybrook. But no MBTA! That's a plus."

Then the sixth or seventh train that I can't get on because it's already full goes by and I start to think what it would be like to live in Charleston, SC. Yes,people. I'm almost willing to move to Long Island or the Deep South to get away from the T. It's that bad.


I've lived in North Quincy for over 15 years

and I've never seen the Red Line as bad as it is now. I expect delays on an almost daily basis. I've come to realize that what should be a 20-30 minute commute will probably take over an hour.

The funny thing is that I moved here from Brookline because the Green Line was so slow. Back then the Red Line was a bullet train compared to the other lines.

I'm going to check out some Pat Conroy books from the library.


The LIRR on a bad day is

The LIRR on a bad day is still superb compared with the T commuter rail.

Schedule frequencies make the LIRR far more useful, especially off peak.

And the LIRR would never think of cancelling weekend service with no bus replacement for an entire season, like the T is doing right now on the Concord/Fitchburg line.

Yes,people. I'm almost

Yes,people. I'm almost willing to move to Long Island or the Deep South to get away from the T. It's that bad.

Come on down. I moved to Raleigh over the summer. Not really the "deep" South but pretty close. Not much public transportation to speak of, but with a 15-minute hassle-free commute and $35 a month to park two blocks from my office downtown, I ain't complaining.

PS: I still read UH daily and nothing I've read since my move has caused me any regret.


Stony Brook isnt so bad...

Stony Brook isnt so bad... beautiful town on the Long Island North Shore....until you realize you need to drive everywhere to get anywhere on Long Island. And the traffic stinks. So if you're willing to put up with car traffic then LI is for you!


Obviously working on

either a) the next smartphone app or b) figuring yet another way to force the passengers to look at commercial advertising.

Improving how the system actually runs doesn't matter to either of them.