It's not easy getting between the South End and South Boston on a bike

Southie Bikes posts a map to prove it.



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    What did they do to W 4th ?

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    What did they do to W 4th ? It gone ? Straight shot to S End forever. Can even stop in at Harry the Greek's for some bargains too!

    As it says on the map, "High

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    As it says on the map, "High Speeds, No Bike Lane". This is a map of getting from the South End into Southie. Southie Bikes is going to make another map that shows the difficulties getting from Southie to the South End (eg, can't go over Broadway Bridge).

    Scary Bridges

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    Have to agree, the bridges over the railroad tracks are scary when riding in the traffic. Everyone treats them like mini-highways (a common endemic as it happens with the bridges over the turnpike in Allston too). There is also a lot of debris along them.

    I would almost rather ride all the way to downtown and take Summer to A or D in a giant loop just to avoid those bridges.

    Enough with the whining. I've

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    Enough with the whining. I've been riding my bike through Southie for 25 years and have never had a problem. These cowards roll in and want to literally cry that they don't have a designated lane. Just ride your bike wherever you want. If your too damn scared get a bus pass and shut the f*ck up. This bitchassness makes me want to puke.

    Yeah right

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    If the bottle dudes can push their shopping carts over the 4th street and Broadway bridges what's stopping you from riding your bikes over?
    BTW I see people on bikes going back and forth over these two bridges so what's the bitch?