It's official: We're toast

The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore is in town to watch Plum Island float into the Atlantic or something.



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Got my eggs, milk, and bread

Well bagels. Somerville Market Basket was a nuthouse last night, but at least we were all calm, polite and proactive nuts for the most part. Two meter tall young men instantly morphed into ten year olds when informed that their usual shopping night was crazy because their was a blizzard coming! (talking literal "jumping up and down" here!).

The checkout girl (teenager) was gloating that she switched shifts and normally works Thursday, but the insanity last night wasn't going to be near tonight's.

Also noticed that the car was out of gas and totally out of wiper fluid. Done and done!

Operation Hunker Down commenced!

At this point some of the

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At this point some of the predictions are so ridiculous that it sounds like hyperbole. 38 inches? Come on now.

I think I've entered the denial phase at this point because it's just such an out of this world forecast my brain can't even process it.

It was a nuthouse this morning

Normally around 9am in the morning you can see plenty of empty spots... This morning people were stuck in traffic in the parking lot trying to park. It's already getting crazy.


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I realized that I only had less than a half gallon of Milk left this morning while having coffee. ugh.. not looking forward to trying to hunt down a gallon of milk after work tonight.

I gotta be able to make french toast Saturday morning!@!!

Shit Just Got Real.

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The subject says it all.

Also, I'm secretly hoping for a guy wearing a horse mask to find a camera crew and dance around in the snow.