Jamaica Plain mural vandalized

Anulfo Baez, who is chronicling Boston's public murals, reports on the graffiti that now covers the mural on the side of Lawson's Brother's Hairstyling Salon in Egleston Square.



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    Boston graf writers are lame

    One of the biggest unwritten rules of graf writing is to not write over murals. This, along with writing on peoples homes and on churches are all rules these (mostly suburban or college going) writers constantly break.


    Definitely not a true writer. Probably some 13 year old kid that's just getting into it and doesn't understand how it works. Weak

    If college boys walked out to

    If college boys walked out to Egleston Square and did this, I will eat my shoe.

    I love how the blogger blames the vandalism on the city for not maintaining this mural, rather than on whatever piece of garbage actually pulled out his little can and did this.

    "Boston graf writers are lame"

    Your Lame and obviously don't know jack shit! Ever hear of Alone? He's one of the best Graff artist in the country! MMMmmmm OBey,you know they guy who designed the Obama "Hope" bumper sticker on your Subaru. AEA Crew, Spine. Take A Fuck'n Walk.......

    Ya but

    He still spent 6 years putting up industrial sized posters all over the city. Also it doesn't negate the fact Alone who is now almost 45 is still one of the best.

    AEA is a joke

    Really guy? AEA? Aren't they North Shore anyways? Shitty straight letters over more established writers doesn't make you good.
    Alone WAS good when he was active.
    Boston has it's share of good writers, but AEA ain't on the list.

    If they were North Shore

    If they were North Shore (they're not), I'd give em props for covering so much of the Southwest Corridor in someone else's city. Can't say I've seen any bad pieces them (Spin, 4Cast, Mynd) on my travels, they're far from weak. I'm not Boston graf authority, or even writer, so let I'll stop before some asshole gets all butt hurt about me speaking on something g I know so little about. That said some if you take graf way to serious, calm down and spread the art.