Is that jazz on the radio? On AM radio? Yes it is

Mark Connelly at the Boston Radio Interest mailing list reports on a new station: WZBR, "Boston's Real Jazz," 1410 on your AM dial:

Music was about 80% instrumental 20% vocal. A number of jazz styles were played covering from '40s up to contemporary hip-hop / jazz fusion.

The station is licensed to Dedham but is actually using a transmitter and antenna off Sprague Street in Readville, he says. It's not audible everywhere in the Boston area, which might be due in part to its power - 610 watts daytime and 25 watts nighttime (by comparison, WBZ is 50,000 watts).



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Awww I was

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getting all excited about a jazz station. But I'll listen for 2 weeks.


Infographic of Boston area radio dial... AM-FM-HD. Table radio.

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a) Where is an infographic of the Boston area radio dial?... showing the stations across the AM dial, FM dial, AM-HD dial, FM-HD dial ?

b) Where are AM-FM-HD tabletop or boombox hybrid digital HD radios?... with the great audio quality of Tivoli radios. No high quality audio table or boombox radios at nor at No HD radio at


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You can listen to Internet jazz radio shows and stations from all over the world on your phone or tablet. The JazzBird app, supported by the local JazzBoston organization, links you to dozens of programs and 24-hour stations on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, with an emphasis on Boston-based programming.

(Full disclosure: I'm one of the volunteers involved in developing the database of jazz listings.)