Jerk on an ATV ruins Hyde Park ball field

Ruined Kelly Field

This morning, Scott Isaacs got to Kelly Field on Turtle Pond Parkway to find some jerk on an ATV destroyed the field overnight.

Boston Strolls adds:

Probably same jerks tearing up the Stony Brook trails for a year. Sent photos of them to MassDCR, but no result.




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    UFO crop circles.

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    not "ruined"

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    First off, that's not from an ATV - that's a two-wheeler, skidding around. Notice there are only two tracks and they're not a consistent distance from each other?

    1)I'm quite positive the game of baseball can be played on such a field still. It is not "ruined"

    2)There's fast-growing seed mix that includes chewed up newspaper, fertilizer, and seed that'll have that repaired in a few weeks.

    Seriously, these baseball princesses need to stop hyperbolizing. Yeah, some asshole did a bunch of field damage. Meanwhile over at English HS, the ARTIFICIAL fields have been ignored for so long that there are giant rips in the field surface, there's more little rubber bits than green stuff, and they're covered in trash, fried chicken bones, condoms, you name it.

    Meanwhile, Teddy Ebersol fields are pristine, because that's where all the little rich kids go...

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    They are not from a two wheeled vehicle.

    They are from a vehicle having at least three wheels. These marks were made while the operator was doing donuts. All of the wheels do remain the same distance from one another. Although, the marks they leave behind do not and can cross one another. These marks are also far too wide to be done with a motorcycle.

    As far as replanting the grass grows: would you really want to have to replant your grass every time someone does this to your yard?

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