Jesus, some New Yorker is a real moron

Car on pedestrian bridge

Conrad Crawford posts a photo of a New Yorker who somehow managed to get his stupid car on the Northbank Bridge - that swoopy bridge between Cambridge and Charlestown that's supposed to be for pedestrians and bicyclists - last night.

He reports the boulder at the beginning of the bridge had been moved for some reason. He adds that for some reason, the guy refused to wait around for State Police to arrive.

Ed. note: Bet the guy blames his GPS.



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    Here's a better one


    Knowing that bridge, the boulder does get pushed around (should be blame Festivus???), but he had to pass a whole bunch of other hints that he wasn't on a auto route to get to that boulder!!! Like, a couple of ramped curbs and bike paths. Also a disturbing lack of roadsigns.

    I'm betting he got stuck at the boulder at the other end.


    This is New England -- snow

    This is New England -- snow removal should have been anticipated. They should have designed the barrier so a bobcat could get around it but a car couldn't. Or a barrier that could be temporarily opened by someone with a key.

    If "innocent, etc." applies to a license plate

    Then why can't MA do camera ticketing?

    A license plate is public, and it isn't the same as a person. The car did not commit an offense. Drivers commit offenses (which is why we don't have photo ticketing in MA) and are not uniquely identified by license plates on a car.

    Also, we get photos from bank robberies, etc. on UHub all the time and no "innocent, etc.".

    I understand what you are trying to say - but what you are saying really doesn't apply. I do accept that a photographer has a right to alter his image, however.


    Covering the plate simply

    Covering the plate simply prevents people from sleuthing and finding out who the driver is, which will in turn lead to pointless harassment of that person (finding them on Twitter, Facebook, etc). It was a mistake and a funny one too, so let's just have a laugh, be thankful no one was hurt and move on.


    And what words would those be?

    Please do tell.

    I have NEVER advocated using a U-lock for anything but locking up a bike and defending one's self from direct threats of physical harm (as in "some coward getting his jollies by threatening to punch me out for the crime of being female and assertive of my rights").

    And I know that you will not and can not find any instance where I have said anything different.

    Do have a merry Christmas, though. Go easy on the nip bottles with the egg nog, though.



    Putting aside an incredible ability to ignore a bunch of visual cues, I do believe it is possible, or even likely, that his GPS led him there. I live in Charlestown and bring my dog down to Paul Revere Park and the areas beyond. (As an aside, my dog magically does not have to go to the bathroom, ever.). I frequently see people with out of state tags or rental cars turning around and trying to figure out how to get to The Garden or Cambridge. I assume that there is at least one GPS provider with incorrect directions.



    those boulders are terrifying to cyclists.. moving downhill from the bridge, low boulder in the middle of the path... horrifying.