JP group that promotes home ownership to fight eviction that could clear way for apartments

The Jamaica Plain Gazette reports the the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America isn't going to just move out of its Washington Street offices now that a developer wants to turn the former Hughes Oil property into an apartment complex.



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    I wondered about current tenants

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    When news of the proposed development broke, I wondered about the status of the current tenants. I hope it's handled properly and they're given time to find another location. But the outrage seems false. There's nothing sacrosanct about the location to their business. NACA rented on that stretch of Washington Street because the rent was cheap. Times have changed and now the location is in demand.

    FH Electrical may have a tough time staying in JP, but NACA shouldn't. In fact, the JP Patch has a story today about all the empty storefronts on South Street, less than a mile away and equally transit-accessible. Bruce Marks should take a look and turn this into an opportunity to activate a business district instead of fighting new housing, which Boston desperately needs.

    This stunt proves that they

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    This stunt proves that they are less concerned about housing and more about opportunism and graft.

    That's pretty silly. Boston

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    That's pretty silly. Boston needs more housing. Including and especially rental housing. NACA should be all in favor of the development, even if they do have to move.

    Maybe they're stoking outrage to get an office for themselves thrown into the new development? I dunno. Very little sympathy from me.


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    Curious that the article discusses them being evicted from the property. I wonder if that is just a term the author is using synonymously with being asked to leave under the terms of their lease, or if there is more going on here than meets the eye. This seems like a totally rediculous fight for them to put up considering that they can pretty easily find alternative space near by and that the end game would be to put in more housing, which is what they promote. I can see the electrical supply company having a more difficult time relocating given the nature of their business. However, when you lease space you always run the risk that you will eventually be asked to leave.

    Are you kidding me? Is this a

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    Are you kidding me? Is this a case of the kid taking home his football because he can't play quarterback? Does this non-profit have its feathers ruffled because a private sector project is excluding it perhaps? For crying out loud , this is an old oil terminal, it will get cleaned up and put on the tax roles. That area has been blighted forever. Move on, NACA , you have plenty of opportunities out there .Leave the football for the other guys.