JP still doesn't have a Starbucks, but it could soon get a coffee bar

The Boston Licensing Board next Wednesday considers granting a food-serving license to the 7 Pond Coffee Bar proposed for, well, 7 Pond St.

The high-end coffee place is proposed by Maks Milstein, who owns Brookline's Cafe Fixe. Milstein used to be a lawyer, but got hooked on coffee brewing as a hobby and eventually decided to abandon the law for the bean.

Board hearings begin at 10 a.m. in its eighth-floor hearing room in City Hall.



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Sounds like gentrification

Quick, someone get the JPNDC and Claudio Martinez on the phone - this can only lead to to more of the wrong sort of people wanting to live in JP.


It's hysterical

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that the people in JP who constantly scream about gentrification are White and not originally from the neighborhood!

I said "The People"

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not "Claudio Martinez." I was speaking in general.



so Claudio Martinez (non-elected local person) should be able to talk about gentrification, but not 'the people' in general.


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Ya know I was just thinking that...

Why isnt the JPNDC all up in arms about this? Its too 'high end' like Whole Foods is.

Of course since it's local and not a huge corporation it might be ok.


JP hasn't made it

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... 'til it gets it's very own Starbucks.

Sarcasm off.

Crowded marketplace

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The proposed site is 2 blocks north of JP Licks, which for my money is probably the best coffee you can get in Boston. Maybe they don't primarily identify as a coffee joint, but between that and City Feed across the street, JP doesn't suffer from lack of coffee options on that part of Centre Street.

Not enough parking. The smug

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Not enough parking. The smug suburbanites taking over JP need a place to put their Prii. There simply isn't enough space to conveniently double park anymore.


bike parking

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right - there isn't even close to enough bike parking on centre street. I typically just leave my bike in one of the dozen or so empty spots in the Burroughs street lot.


Nice plug for your RE

The owner of a vacant commercial space that I'm representing in Jamaica Plain would like to have a coffee shop as a tenant in his newly renovated building and I think that it'd be a good location for one since there is a ton of traffic on Heath Street and there is no competition near that location.

Nice plug for your RE business!


Oh, I can think of a few reasons that that is "no competition" near that location. Reasons made out of red bricks and symbolizing the worst in social engineering.

They make it unpleasant for

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They make it unpleasant for us to traverse said crosswalks because of the insistence of civil engineers to use uneven tumbled brick.