Judge to city arborist: Woodman, spare that tree!

Woodman spare that tree!
Touch not a single bough;
In youth it sheltered me,
And I'll protect it now;
'Twas my fore father's hand
That placed it near the cot,
There, woodman, let it stand,
Thy axe shall harm it not!

-- Woodman! Spare that Tree!

The Globe reports a judge has ordered the city to leave an old elm tree near Thomas Park in South Boston alone. The city says the tree is dying and needs to be taken down for safety reasons; a group of neighbors hired their own arborist - and found a pro-bono lawyer - to make the case the tree is just fine.




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    Glad to hear that:

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    - it's "woodman," not "woodsman" as I thought for many a year
    - a group has been fighting the City on a tree removal such as this
    - the group gained a permanent injunction

    From the Globe story:

    Gregory and neighbors have said the dispute speaks to a broader issue of government efforts to remove trees deemed unhealthy without consulting the public.

    “Our greenery, our parks,” he said Friday. “This is big business.”

    Ah yes, the public: Such an inconvenience to the government!

    Who wants to bet the City will remove it early some November morning (post-DST) when it's light out again?

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    2nd and further opinions

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    It's interesting that you can get a 2nd opinion that's the total opposite of the
    1st opinion. Now I suppose if there's a big storm and the tree then topples
    over, the City will claim they were right all along. But I think it's great that the
    tree gets to keep going.

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    When that tree falls down and

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    When that tree falls down and crushes a car the neighborhood will cry about why the gov't didn't do something to stop it....oh wait.

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    How many

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    trees have been removed because a developer needs to put up condos or a curb cut? We'll never know because the City Tree Hearings are a scam.

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    Brighton trees

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    BC will down every tree in former Archdiocese property to build two stadiums, 500-car garage and 65,000 sq. ft. athletic facility if BRA approves Tuesday. How's that for green?
    Look at 188-192-196 Foster street before construction and during construction with Google earth for example of where this has already been done.

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