Just grate: Emergency workers rescue stuck raccoon

Raccoon in gratePhoto by Waltham PD.

The Waltham Police Department reports cops, firefighters and the city animal control officer were able to rescue a young raccoon found, as you can see, with its head stuck in a storm grate yesterday. Found at Chestnut and Lowell streets by PRG, who reported it on Twitter.

This morning, Rocky was taking a nap.



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poor guy. Glad to see they rescued him.


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We're talking about a disease-carrying, garbage-strewing pest, right?


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Raccoons aren't the ones causing climate change.

Is there any doubt?

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Maybe it doesn't fit your libertarian fairy tale universe, but the scientific world is pretty certain about it.

Enjoy your next heat wave and extreme cold winter - when we lose our ice caps it is all climate change, all the time!

Libertarian fairy tale universe?

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I wasn't kidding - I do happen to believe in climate change and I'm reasonably convinced that human activity is at least a major accelerant if not the actual cause of this trend (another nail in the coffin that I'm some part of the great right wing conspiracy).

If you believe that, then you shouldn't have children until we figure out how to make it stop.

If you want to be a parent - adopt. If you want to have children, that's fine it's your choice and it's your right, but don't pretend that you care much about climate change if you choose to have children.


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It's still alive and a creature, first.

Don't knock raccoons, they serve a purpose in mother nature's wheel.

Maybe he grew

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Looks like a youngster - he or she may have been able to slip through there last week.


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Taking a nap

Poor thing must be exhausted after all that.

But I can't help but wonder if its metabolic processes haven't become a matter of interest only to historians.