Keeping tabs on an Orange Line mystery

Cans of Tab at Green Street

Ezra Freedman wonders:

For years there have been cans of Tab at the end of the Green Street platform, what's the deal?

Ed. note: So that's what happened to Steve Slyne's stash after his place in West Roxbury got turned into the Real Deal!

Steve Slyne's Tab sign



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Bottle collections

Bottle collections are very common at signals and stations on the MBTA. There's one spot on the commuter rail between Oak Grove and Wyoming Hill where southbound trains must stop for a signal as they wait for a northbound train to clear the single-track section in Malden. Right where the train would stop is a pile of blue water (or powerade or something) bottles, probably from some thoughtless engineer who would toss it out as he waited for the signal. There's also a pile of Dunkin Donuts cups at a signal between Kenmore and Hynes, from some Green Line operator out there.