Kendall Square breakfast nook gets new owners

Seacoast Online reports the owner of Friendly Toast has sold the place to a pair of New Hampshire entrepreneurs, who plan "culinary-driven" enhancements for the restaurant, which serves other breakfast goods besides toast.

Via Eater Boston.



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Culinary driven = the food

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Culinary driven = the food won't suck as much. I welcome that change. They've been getting away with selling shitty food with a fun decor for awhile now.

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On Sunday mornings it's a 1 -

On Sunday mornings it's a 1 - 2 hour wait to get a table.

But that's just one morning of the week. Not sure how business performs on other days.

And that's some expensive real estate they sit on. Rent must be pretty expensive. Methinks the lackluster novelty dishes aren't racking up enough profit.

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up the punx & the showers. Can't I have both?

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I sure hope the new owners implement a cleanliness initiative in which they teach their employees how to shower and do laundry. I'm all about the Toast being the crusty sanctuary of kendall punx, but if you're serving me food, i'd rather you washed your clothes at least once in a while so I can smell my dish and not my server. I appreciate your tattered Minor Threat shirt layered with your studded jean vest layered with Crass patches as much as the next person, but a shower would certainly woo me into staying a little longer.

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