Know before you go: MBTA Transit Police answer your burning marijuana questions

Seems people want to know:

Q) Is it okay to smoke a "joint" while waiting on the platform for my train?

Q) Is it okay to smoke a "joint" while riding on the bus with my friends?

Q) I have a warrant for my arrest and just wanted to smoke a "little weed" while riding my train. My warrant had nothing to do with my marijuana, what's the problem?
If you have a warrant out for your arrest and DO NOT want to go to jail you should (a) not utilize the MBTA, if you ignore this suggestion (b) when entering our stations and buses pay your fare (c) do not roll a joint, pack a bong or any other means of inhaling cannabis while on the T and lastly DO NOT commit crime or disorder within the system which would draw attention to yourself



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    Is this a joke?

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    People actually ask these questions? There is no hope for humanity.

    This Comment...

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    could only have been written by someone who has never, ever ridden the T.

    Pot smokers tend to think

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    that "No Smoking" means "No cigarettes."

    I'm all for legalizing marijuana, but I hate it when my no-smoking apartment suddenly fills up with the wet cat food smell of cheap weed.

    Unless You're at Sullivan Square . . .

    The only place you apparently can't smoke is in the upper, inside part of the station where the faregates and convenience stores are. The Upper and Lower Busways and station platforms are fine. Heck, light up right in front of the Inspector's Booth--he/she doesn't care.


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    Is it okay to pack a bong on the the train or bus EVEN if I don't plan on smoking it while riding? What if I don't have any kind of warrant, would a "little weed" be okay while waiting for the 57 at Kenmore?

    What about while you're waiting

    By on it ok to smoke a blunt while waiting for the red or green lines during their usual daily delays caused by the tracks catching fire, the tracks breaking, trolley's crashing into each other, the trolley door falling off or the trolley just otherwise not working?

    If yes, I would predict a sharp decrease in violence in the vicinities of MBTA stations and trains. Also, the collective blood pressure of the Hub would drop a good 10 points during rush hour.

    Not really...

    When dog and I take the T into Harvard Sq on Sundays, I always bring my Magic Flight and a Tic Tac case which holds a nice supply.

    On the other hand, the dog still prefers a fat blunt.

    If you have a need for

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    If you have a need for medical marijuana on the MBTA, you can medicate yourself by asking your care giver to provide you with marijuana brownies or cookies or chewing gum.
    Same while driving your car.

    If you eat edibles

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    while driving you're an asshole and should rot in hell.

    I would fell better

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    if the other drivers were stoned rather than the enraged psychotic commuters I deal with every day. If everyone wasn't in such a rush to cut each other off and race to each red light, perhaps we'd all be a little happier.

    JFK Station

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    stupid is as stupid does, but I want to congratulate the police who are always at JFK station. Did they ever catch the guy who attacked the UMASS student?

    I love this!

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    I love this!

    No smoking reefer on the train!

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    Back in the day my friend and I took the red line from Fields Corner to the Orpheum for a show. We were at far end of almost empty train and discreetly cracked a couple of Bud cans.

    Conductor, who sounded like a courtly older black gent came on the speaker :

    "No drinking on the train please. No drinking on the train. This is not the bar car, no drinking on the train."

    Fair enough, we killed the beers and lit up a joint. He only sad the smoke at first and came back on:

    "No smoking on the train, please, there's no smoking on the train. "

    We laughed but really laughed when he got a whiff:

    "There's no smoking reefer on the train, please, no smoking reefer on the train!"

    We got off at DTX and exchanged pleasantries. Still think he was a lil jealous.

    Kinda douchey move

    You seriously were lighting up and slamming beers on the T? You should be pregaming elsewhere my friend.

    REAL douchey move insulting people on the internet

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    When they never did anything to you.

    It was harmless fun in the 80's and I was a kid. Train was empty.
    Conductor wished a good evening.

    We probably would have smoked elsewhere if other people were onboard- we were just having fun.

    Lighten up, Francis.