At least the Sox are still in first place

Because, otherwise, this has not been a good week for Boston sports fans (also, as Prairie Rose Clayton reminds us: The Revolution lost a big game and NESN fired Naoko Funayama).



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We didn't have any jerseys yet, and the missus was wanting to get a Bergeron jersey just because she liked his name - didn't really know any of the players that well since she just started watching hockey.

After Campbell's PK, she changed her mind and picked him because of how huge his effort was in staying on the ice to kill the penalty.

(This was before we found out that Bergeron was playing while being clinically dead.)

Most bizarre move

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Definitely of all the goings on this was the least expected:
NESN fired Naoko Funayama

WTH do the executives as NESN think sometimes?
Serious problem at NESN with recognizing and retaining talent.

Bottom line

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She's not hot enough for them, and she knows too much about hockey. They'll get another pretty blonde who will end up sleeping w/half the team and need to be replaced after a couple years. Dumb move, but I'm guessing she'll end up in a better place.