Local chefs to do their own One Fund fundraiser

Boston Bites Back at Fenway Park on May 15. Tickets are $211.99 and $1039.95 for food from 100 local chefs.



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Tickets are $211.99 and

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Tickets are $211.99 and $1039.95

Well, thank goodness they're so affordable. [/sarcasm]

I understand that it's a fundraiser (and, yes, I've donated to One Fund myself), but I can't imagine very many folks being able to get in on this...

They'll sell out...

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And if they don't, they'll open it up for door entry last minute and fill up the place. And no one who paid the original price will bitch, because they'd look cheap. Win-win.


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buy million dollar condos downtown all the time. This probably isn't geared to us, and thats fine if they can make a killer donation to the fund by entertaining some rich people.

I didn't spend $5000 a plate at a Obama fundraiser either. I'm sure they had no problem putting asses in seats.


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I'm sure they had no problem putting asses in seats.

Truer words have rarely been spoken....er...typed.

Word from Ming

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Ming Tsai was answering questions and signing cookbooks at my company on the 1st. He swore us to a "No Tweeting" promise, then told us the details of this event even though the website for the event was still a WordPress logon page.

He explained that it wasn't for everyone, but you are getting a lot for the $200 ticket (walking and snacking on the warning track, big variety of food and drink...) and 5000 tickets is Sold Out. So not so crowded. But then, the $1000 tickets get you luxury treatment and face time with Ming and Jasper and the best of the chefs.

I wish them the best of luck, but I'm not sure I think it's the best use I have for $400 for a couple, charitable or decadent. And I'm definitely not a fan of the title "Boston Bites Back."