Logging time in Brookline

Big log in Brookline

Turlach MacDonagh wonders: Why were happy green people carrying a big log down Beacon Street in Brookline this morning?

UPDATE: Looks like it's this thing where people undergo a simulated special-forces training run. H/t Matt D.

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Navy Seals

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In training.

judging from the "LOOK HOW STRONG WE ARE"...

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Friends Don't Let Friends do CrossFit, unless they want their friends to suffer a lot of muscle, joint, and ligament injuries. That's what you get when you engage in a "training" program that emphasizes racing through a routine...


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mentality as our resident UHub bikers. "Look at my sweet spandex"


All meant to just piss you off

Because we all know how important it is for you to have something to hate on, and that there is no possible alternative explanation for people to actually leave their basements and do things in the real world unless there is a way to make it all about you.

Ciber toss?

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Scottish Spring equinox festival in the offing perhaps?

Log ON!

You never know what people are caber-able of if they don't walk around with trees!

Although the exact reason for this has me stumped.

I don't think the Portland Timbers are playing the Revolution, either.

Showing My Roots

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I'll go out on a limb. Maybe I'm a sap to think this, or maybe I'm just barking up the wrong tree, but could it have something to do with Druid practices in the land of Saint Patrick?

OK, I'll leaf now.




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Damn crossfitter/bootcamp weirdos out making some statement again. I mean is this really necessary?


I saw them later on the

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I saw them later on the Common. I'm not sure what statement they were making but it looked like they were having fun and, as you seem to have devoted your life to demonstrating, fun is not really necessary.

To quote Patches O'houlihan

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To quote Patches O'houlihan from "Dodgeball" "Necessary? Is it necessary for me to drink my own urine? No, but I do it anyway because it's sterile and I like the taste."

Might I ask what about this is unnecessary?

Anyway, these are people just interested in a little bit of a physical challenge. The events are run by prior special forces service members. Starts with about 30 people and they task them to work as a team to complete whatever obstacles they have set forth. I say if this is what makes people happy let them enjoy it. Most of the people that participate in these events are or were members of the military as well.


I think Disnyworld is one of

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I think Disnyworld is one of the real influencers of urban living (and I don't mean that the influence is always bad. In anycase, this may be a representation of the Disneyfication of life in the cities. This is urban living as entertainment.

They came over

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from various rags when Brown was flailing and fumbling, stayed to wallow in their own self hatred.