A man and his giant block of chalk

Dave Levy gives us a glimpse of a man dragging a giant piece of chalk through Somerville over the weekend, which naturally raises some questions, such as "Wha?" and "Huh?" and "Good Lord, why?"

Fig Beebo updates us:

I asked him what he was doing, he said it was an art project and he drawing from his studio to Concord.



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      I really enjoy sidewalk art

      I love the bright colors, the unexpected places and the fact that it's temporary by nature. That said, this seems much less enjoyable for those who view it. Unless I'm missing something, it's a line of white chalk from one random place to another random place. Meh.


      Oooh... that one takes me back....

      Hadn't heard that name in a while. Quite a few of "Son of Sam" victims tended to have a similar appearance, which pretty much exactly matched my girlfriend's age, description, and neighborhood of residence. Creepy indeed. It doesn't take much to remind one that, at the end of the day, all crime is intensely personal, and that there's a whole network of loved ones behind every victim's face you see in the paper.


      Glad I saw this posting

      but it turned out to confirm my gut reaction.

      On my commute home in Somerville I seemed to be following, or perhaps backtracking, this strange foot wide white line along Alpine, onto Princeton, then Lowell, then a right on Vernon. All the while I was wondering what was going on, leaking paint truck, malfunctioning landscape machine, somebody dragging a bag of cement...?

      When it ended at a door near the Rogers Foam factory I thought "Oh, freaking artist".

      Turns out I was right.