Man charged with stabbing girlfriend to death in Waltham



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      Well that explains it!

      I was wondering why there's a big press conference being put on for a stabbing - it made no sense. But now it does; they need to get the circus going.

      EDIT: Wait- I picked up furniture at an adjacent address a month ago. Weird.


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      Creep has a history of domestic violence. He beat her up earlier this week and got arrested, then released on PR, only to go back and kill her days later. Disgusting. Thoughts with her family and child.

      More history

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      Same dude who was grabbing women's biscuits at the Boston Beer Garden a couple of years back.

      How was he out of jail?

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      How on earth was this guy not in jail? Not only was he released, he was ROR--dude didn't even pay bail. Did his dad pull some strings? Because heads are going to roll for this one.

      No they're not

      We'll just forget about it in a week just like everything else.

      Massachusetts: We Don't Care If You Die a Wrongful Death

      According to news reports,

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      According to news reports, the eventual victim had to show up for a restraining order hearing on Wednesday, but did not, and so procedure said he had to be released.

      SEVEN prior assaults?

      This is why "three strikes and you're out" needed to happen in this state yesterday. Good job, Massachusetts. You got a lady killed and you left a young girl orphaned because you can't agree on something as simple as bad people needing to go away.

      Remember when the Marathon got bombed and we all were sad and cared about people dying and getting their legs blown off? Can we channel this sentiment again for this lady? If he's guilty, Jared Remy is as bad as Tsarnaev and belongs in the hole with him.

      Three strikes wouldn't have

      Three strikes wouldn't have made any difference. The guy's dad is Jerry Remy, I'm sure none of his prior arrests resulted in any punishment or official "black mark" whatsoever.

      Bigger? Maybe. Different? Probably not.

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      It would appear that procedural failure to avert familial tragedy is not unknown among our neighbors to the north:

      Source in Burlington VT:

      Update: 2 dead in another murder-suicide
      Police: Couple had history of abuse
      Published 11:52 PM EDT Aug 13, 2013

      Man's identity, cause of death released

      Detectives said a pair of gunshots inside a Fairlee home marks the fifth deadly incident in two months involving domestic violence.


      And yes, there were previous arrests and a restraining order on the guy. And their 2 year old was in the house. Similar to the Remy story to a disturbing degree.

      You're from Vermont?

      Gee, I would have never guessed! Your comments made me believe you were a consultant on "The Wire", what with your obvious knowledge of life on the streets and the people who live there...

      His lengthy criminal record

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      His lengthy criminal record would disagree with you. From a article: "According to Waltham District Court records, Remy has been prosecuted at least 14 separate times in that courthouse alone since 1998 - and at least one of those cases involved a third woman he is accused of assaulting."

      Where to begin

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      "Three strike" laws have proven to be, worse than useless. They aren't a deterrent and they don't reduce crime, they just fill jails with lots of non-violent offenders (prosecutors use poor discretion when deciding if a non-violent felony is included in the strike count).

      In fact, there's evidence that, to the contrary, it actually heightens violence instead of reducing it. If you're at "2 strikes" already, then you will likely "make the next one count" if you're going to go down for another conviction anyways. You will ramp up the severity of your final strike because it was going to be your final strike whether you beat your victim...or killed them.

      Next, you have no idea what the disposition of his previous assaults were. For at least one of them, he was required to get mental health counseling and attend a batterers domestic violence prevention program during his year of probation. He completed everything.

      Also, the victim was given an emergency restraining order Tuesday, but based on her own statements and the interviewing officer, he was released on his own recognizance. Then, she had to show up to get a full restraining order on Wednesday morning, but didn't. The state can't make people avoid poor judgement. She may not have even felt that she had a choice but to let the situation return to "normal", but the state can't just "know" that at the time.

      Finally, I know your hyperbolic nonsense and I should learn to ignore it. But statements like "he's as bad as Tsarnaev" are inaccurate at best. Jared isn't a threat to the public, but he is a threat to civility. His crimes are directed at his domestic situation. That's a far cry different than someone like Tsarnaev who was clearly a threat to everyone. Jared should be punished harshly for his actions and he has absolutely no excuse after having supposedly reformed as a requirement of his prior sentencing. But he isn't equatable to a mass murderer intent on political gain through terror based on his manipulated religious understandings any more than he's equatable to a dime store thief...but you'd probably Hammurabi their hands off, so maybe that explains your inability to differentiate the severity and focus of specific crimes.

      Other ways to not fill jails

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      Like not putting people who don't belong there in the first place.

      Also, if you execute on strike 2...then why wouldn't they just get violent on strike 2 instead in the same way they were on strike 3?

      Your solutions prevent nothing. They only serve to reduce the civility and humanity you were intending to preserve. By tightening your fist, you've caused what you were hoping to save to slip out from around your fingers.

      You have much to learn, Grasshopper.

      Wasn't Ch. 25 snark

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      They just happened to be the first place I saw the story on. It was more would-this-get-quite-as-much-attention-if-he-weren't-who-he-is snark.

      Remy case: Don't be naive

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      I'm no fan of Deval Patrick and since he appointed the current Middlesex D.A., I could easily pile on. Instead I'm withholding judgment. Remy is despicable. His arrest on Tuesday night was apparently for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, a car mirror. I haven't heard the specifics but that could be something as simple as bumping the victim into the outside mirror of a car.

      On Tuesday night, Waltham PD offered and the victim accepted, an emergency restraining order but that expired the next day. The victim did not appear in court to renew the restraining order. The DA says her office spoke with the victim (by phone I assume) prior to arraignment. No idea what the conversation entailed but I'm quite certain if the victim wanted high bail, it would have been requested. Each DA's office has skilled victim advocates who encourage victims to prosecute and offer as much help and protection as they can provide. In many DV cases --I'm not saying this one-- the victim will tell the DA, the next day, that she doesn't want to pursue the case.

      The Herald reports the victim refused friends help and her own parents offer of a UHaul and help moving out. She "didn't want to hurt Jared" by leaving. Probably a case of Battered Woman Syndrome or some form of Stockholm Syndrome but from the prosecutorial standpoint, it's difficult to pursue a case with an unwilling victim. With court congestion and limited resources, the DA's and courts tend to focus on cases where a victim is willing to push the issue. Otherwise, it's "next".

      Another reason women don't leave

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      They may say that they "don't want to hurt" their partner to friends and family ... but they may also know that they will be killed, just as she was killed, if they dare to do so by a psycho who will spare nothing in tracking them down to kill them.

      Really? 14 arrests in ten years and no bail?

      You'd think a judge might have taken a peak at his record- that's the point of keeping records in the first place, right? I have my doubts that this is how most cases of this nature are handled, at least when the defendant isn't rich or politically wired. Maybe someone gets released on personal recognizance for the first arrest for an a & b, but not the fourteenth. Also, I've been involved in a couple of cases from the victim/witness side, and most of the time prosecutors seemed to want to go real hard on the defendants regardless of my own lack of enthusiasm.
      Did this filthy worm ever do a significant bid for all these assaults on women?

      Helps explain..

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      ...why he seems to be regularly dealing with depression and anxiety. Sad case all around.

      Its great to be a son of a

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      Its great to be a son of a wealthy parent from We$ton, Ma, I hear remdog will take over TIA'S on the Boston waterfront near Marriott,Lets see if money & Red Sox organization connections can buy his way to inocence for this murderer.

      Its great to be a son of a

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      Its great to be a son of a wealthy parent from We$ton, Ma, I hear remdog will take over TIA'S on the Boston waterfront near Marriott,Lets see if money & Red Sox organization connections can buy his way to inocence for this murderer.

      Remy murder...

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      Take a look at this guy from several years ago and it looks like he def was taking either HGH or steroids--he just doesn't look normal..per se. I just cannot understand why, in God's name the Remy's did not truly help out this Martel gal. The mother "begged" not her not to go forward with the restraining order--and that she would be "protected"...what a lame thing to say or coax someone into-when obviously it was a shallow statement.

      All three of his kids have huge problems. You would think that they would take some of his money and stop opening up restaurants and perhaps funnel some $ to assist in convincing his adult children to get help. It's obvious Jared has a long history of instability and abuse of women, his daughter sounds like a basket case and his other son who sexually assaulted a woman like it was no big deal--def has a screw loose. But, hey, making commercials, selling Lexus, and opening more restaurants seems like it is more important than a solid family structure. In one statement it appears that Jared worked for his Father. If so, I would have taken one look at this guy and KNEW he was using steroids and probably wasn't playing with a full deck...however, I suspect the Remy's may have been funding his lifestyle--and in turn making things worse. As far as protecting Ms Martel--I believe that the Mother perhaps also has a who would say something like that when anyone with a neuron firing knows the kid is crazy and that a life may be on the line--with the previous history of this thug? How shallow of the Remy's to offer such a statement. Protected? How? What steps did Mrs Remy plan to take?

      All I can say is I hope that the Martel family hire a savvy legal team, to sue the Remy's in civil court to protect/provide for that 4 year old girl who witnessed her Mother being brutally slain, as well as throw this Jared-animal in jail for the duration of his sorry life. Perhaps then the Remys will spend some of their time and money on domestic violence and mental health services in Boston--get out your checkbook Remdog. He may be admired as a great ball player, but his family is completely dis-functional. It will be interesting on how he "explains away" with his witty banter all that has transpired...stay tuned for the show.

      I believe that Tia's was

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      I believe that Tia's was owned by the daughter of a successful businessman , so there you go , the beat goes on!