Oops, he did it again: Man arrested in 2010 for stealing from churches arrested for stealing from North End church

ShinerA man charged with stealing donations from churches across Boston in 2010 was arrested this morning on charges he stole envelopes from donation boxes at St. Leonard's Church in the North End last month, Boston Police report.

Police say church video shows Richard Shiner:

Standing in front of a wooden candle box, sticking a white wooden stick through the money slot, removing cash bills, and placing them in his pocket. Upon seeing the witness, Shiner fled the scene on foot with a large canvas bag and shouting, "Please do not call the police."

Police do not have an estimate on just how much money was taken, but add he also took envelopes out of another collection box. Shiner will be arraigned on a charge of larceny over $250.

Innocent, etc.



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    No manners these days

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    Why'd they call the police? He said "Please". Tsk tsk tsk.

    Hey isn't this a repeat from

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    Hey isn't this a repeat from 2010? This clown did this same exact thing in November of 2010. Same exact church too. Forced entry into the church and broke into the donation boxes to steal donations. Seems like an upstanding citizen, we just misunderstand him.

    Although, St. Leonard's was safe from him for 2011 and 12 because he spent most of those years in the can. Sounds like they might be safe for a couple more years now.

    You are correct

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    In fact, he was charged with stealing from churches across the city. Thanks for the head's up; I've updated the original post.

    Give him a break

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    If you had to grow up with the name "Dick Shiner" you'd expect a little payback from the universe as well.


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    Another winter spent getting 3 hots and a cot from the state. At least he steals from other thieves.

    He's not very good at what he does

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    This just in from the DA's office:

    At Shiner's arraignment in the Boston Municipal Court today, ADA Michael Glennon recommended that he be held on $15,000 cash bail and, if he posts that amount, that he be ordered to stay out of the North End pending trial. A Boston Municipal Court judge set bail at $5,000 and ordered Shiner to stay away from St. Leonard's. At the time of his arraignment today, Shiner had 61 adult convictions dating back to 1984; among them are convictions for similar offenses at churches in 2010. Those cases were adjudicated in the Central, Dorchester, and Roxbury divisions of the Boston Municipal Court, with every single one carrying a house of corrections sentence (sentences ranged from four months to 18 months).

    It's not that he's no good at what he does

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    it's that he can't function outside of the can. So he has his own way if beating the system by letting it take care of him. The ADA knows it, the Judge knows it. I bet they just put him back in the same cell with the same cell mate he's had for years.