Man charged with trying to defraud One Fund says he's innocent victim of State Police plot

Branden Mattier, a South End man arrested in July on charges he tried to defraud the fund set up for Marathon bombing victims, is suing State Police and FedEx for delivering what he says was a bogus check from the fund.

In his suit, filed yesterday in US District Court, Mattier alleges he deserves to be paid several hundred thousand dollars in damages by State Police, FedEx, the state trooper who arrested him and the FedEx driver who delivered a letter informing him he was getting a check from the fund the day before, because:

One Fund Boston never authorized the issuance of said check, nor agreed to a check being doctored to resemble that of a One Fund Boston check.

This, he says, violated his constitutional rights of due process and against unreasonable search and seizure.

State officials say Mattier attended One Fund information sessions for Marathon victims and submitted a claim for injuries allegedly suffered by his aunt - who, officials say, died ten years before the Marathon bombings.



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