Man cracks under strain of loud-talking phone user on packed Orange Line train

Cat reports on an eventful ride on the Orange Line last night involving a guy who couldn't stop his singing and phone yawping and another guy who finally had enough:

at that point another guy suddenly shouted; "enough!! enough! stop it! no more barbara or whatever her name is. no more singing!! there are other people in this train. enough!" now we suddenly had a screaming person on either side of us, and i wasnt sure anymore which one was more crazy. the singing guy sort of ignored the angry guy, and just continued his loud phone conversation with the person who stepped into the train somewhere else. the angry guy did not like that, and while we were approaching our final stop, he ostentatiously (this word sounds better in dutch) took out his phone.... if possible, he was speaking even more loudly than the singing guy, reporting the above...

Elaine Almquist tweets Loud Singer Guy is a regular:

OHMIGOD! Musical-singing guy rides my bus! When I see him, I wait for the next one or walk. Very annoying.



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Assholes like this on the T... Singing? Talking on phone? The Iphone boombox? Get real man, have some respect for a public space.

I think I've seen that guy

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I kind of got the impression that he's not really aware of what he's doing anymore.

He's not as bad as the people who play music through their smartphone speakers. I had to ask a dude on the commuter rail to at least turn it down because the whole train car could hear it, and he actually asked me "Can't you just put on headphones?"

I think I saw this guy a few

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I think I saw this guy a few weeks ago on the 32 bus. He was talking to someone, and whenever there was a pause in conversation, he'd belt out something random.


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Not as bad as the would-be rappers (of various races) who sit on the T and recite endless streams of rap songs - whether they're 'singing' along with what's in their earphones, or sometimes just randomly. I can think of few things more annoying.

My Tweeter if just fine

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Last night a woman on the 39 was loudly telling her phone that her Tweeter was fine but that she refused to carry over the dishwasher. The images this evoked were not for the faint of heart.

A suggestion: if someone near you is blabbering into their cell phone and you have a book (real or digitally imagined) read to them. At the very least as other folks hear you they might be interested in what you're reading. What better a venue for reading poetry out loud? Reading Shakespeare's sonnets on the T? Fantastic! Or how about reading the Declaration of Independence? Or parts of the Constitution? If nothing else a ride on the T could offer lessons in literature or civics?

Letting go the sarcasm I believe that the incessant noise created or allowed by the use of electronic devices has turned riding the T into one of the most unpleasant things that I have to do on any given day. So much unnecessary noise turns a ride on a bus or subway into an experience of walking through a sonic landfill. The noise may be sweet sounding to the person using the MP3 players or cell phone; but for everyone else (who isn't in their own bubble of noise) the experience is akin to walking through a sonic trash dump.

The phrase "Silence is Golden" could never be more apt.