Man killed in Dorchester shootout with police had lengthy record - at 20


The Globe reports police identified the man killed in a shootout with police yesterday as Darryl Dookhran, 20, who was last in the news for carrying a loaded firearm in his backpack onto the campus of Mass. Bay Community College in Wellesley in 2011.

Boston Police say Dookhran opened fire on members of the Youth Violence Strike Force when they approached him and another man to talk to them around 1 p.m. yesterday at Geneva Avenue and Westville Street. The officers, one shot in the arm, returned fire, mortally wounding Dookhran.

In April of last year, he was found guilty on the Mass. Bay charges and sentenced to 2 1/2 years behind bars. Before his trial, his past teachers in BPS schools described him as more of a class clown than a menace to society.



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    Welcome to MA

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    Where 2 1/2 year sentence is really a 2 1/2 month sentence, as long as you're a "disadvantaged, disenfranchised" thug.

    He'd likely been sitting in

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    He'd likely been sitting in jail since his arrest, so some time had been served by the time he was sentenced.

    Agree, we should be asking

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    Agree, we should be asking why he didn't serve out that sentence. It looks like he didn't plead out and was actually given the full weight of the sentence, unless part of it was suspended for some reason, but those are a hell of a lot of weapons charges to be given a break on. And I highly doubt good time credits gave him that much time off his sentence. So why was he already out? And why aren't more people asking this? I don't care how much of a "class clown" you are - since Newtown, nobody's laughing at guys who bring Tec-9s to class.

    Interesting, yet seemingly dangerous man

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    Smart as a whip, yet violent in 2 different high schools and ended up in DYS custody.

    Again, sad that he died, but this is a cautionary tale. Unfortunately, the final moral of the story is that shooting at a cop will not end well for you. Why people don't get this is beyond me.

    Sad end to this kid's life.

    Sad to end this "kid's" life?

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    ...not even close. He's a grown man that tried to murder police officers in cold blood. Eventually he would have killed someone. This is preventative maintenance at its finest.

    Thankfully the officer lived, and although he'll probably need physical therapy for months to regain a fully functioning arm, he gets to go home to his family.

    Don't get me wrong

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    At the end of the day, this kid, or guy if you think that's a better word, made some horrible life choices, the last one being shooting at a cop. However, looking at the stories Adam brought us, his life is a little more complex. This seems to be the smart kid making dumb choices. At some point in his life, he chose gang life. If somehow he chose better, it looks like he could have made something of himself. He's not the theoretical rap star. He liked school. He just seemed to prefer violence.

    I'm not one of these people calling him a victim. He's only a victim of his own poor decision making.

    he tried to change....and

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    he tried to change....and was working 2 jobs... my nephew was my heart no matter what people say ..or comment on him.. his family & friends, will always love him ..and remember.. the kind things he did, for all of us... who knew him........

    'Seemingly' Dangerous?

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    No sympathy here. The life he lost, was the life he chose. The world is a better place without him.

    Guys like him

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    terrorize their communities and are the cause of a lot of heartache and tragedy. No doubt he had a crappy upbringing, but many others have also, and they don't go around doing the kind of shit this guy did in his short life. Unfortunately, there's some other wise guy ready to take his place. And this type of incident will he repeated, and more people, including innocent ones, will be hurt, even killed, by people like this now deceased young Man with a lengthy criminal record at the ripe old age of 20.

    Wonder if the worldstarhiphop

    Wonder if the worldstarhiphop commenter crowd from the other thread is going to come in here to say in broken run-on sentences that police planted the gun in the kid's backpack.

    My boy darryl

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    Dont talk shit about my brother. Yea he did some wrong things in his life, but he was trying to clean up his act. He been working ever since he got out. The police shot at him first because of what someone else did. He didn't even shoot at the cops. THE FUCKING COPS SHOT AT HIM. FUCK THE BOSTON BITCH ASS COPS! Rip Darryl my nigga I miss you bro. Fuck we had shit to do in the years coming up and money to make. Im still ridin bro

    Jay D., it's too soon to do this

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    I upvoted for your excellent parody, and then I felt guilty because someone died, after all.

    Poe's Law at work?

    Fuck off.

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    Trying to clean up his act by shooting at the police? Please.


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    Sounds like a troll to me.

    Comment wars

    Of all the comment wars I seen here. I never imagined seeing one between ghetto Ebonics people and UHubbers.

    what exactly is a ghetto

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    what exactly is a ghetto ebonic never heard the phrase please explain ? quote of all the wars I seen here . I never imagined seeing one between ghetto ebonics and uhubbers ?

    Another aspiring rap star gone too soon

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    The Trinidad and Tobago flag along with the empty Bacardi nip bottle at the temporary memorial were a special touch. Nobody could spend the dollar or two to buy a full nip bottle? Kudos to the Boston Police for doing what the rest of the justice "system" couldn't do, removing this dangerous degenerate from society. Very fortunate that nobody (that we know of) other than the prior stabbing victim and the Boston Police Officer on Friday were hurt. The Tec-9 assault weapon that he brought to "college" could have easily wiped out the entire classroom if not more, it's a smaller cousin to the "street sweeper" made popular in verse.

    "...and if it's major,
    hit me on my pager,
    I'll load up the creeper,
    and pop a clip into this Street Sweeper!"

    Assault weapon

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    Not quite, but definitely a perfect mass shooting weapon - small, easily concealable, with high-capacity magazine, can be brought anywhere totally unnoticed. Assault weapon (or more accurately assault rifle) is a military rifle capable of fully automatic fire, neither this nor the scary-looking AR15s are assault weapons. In fact, a handgun with high-capacity magazine is far more dangerous than the dreaded AR15 - a nutjob carrying a long gun can be spotted from far away but you won't see a pistol until the very last second, when it's too late to run or hide, and when shooting nearly point-blank a pistol is just as accurate and deadly as a rifle.

    people die and theres always

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    people die and theres always negativity coming out your mouth u people make me sick yea he made mistake and it cost his life but don't go talking shit about it that's disrespectful learn some respect this family is going through a loss can we acknowledge that for once and maybe just maybe u scumbags can be the bigger person for once and keep ur mouth shut I know its not that hard jesus

    OUR Negativity

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    You do realize that this guy got it after shooting a cop? He didn't get hit by a car, or come down with some horrible disease, or even get shot by members of the local street gang. He shot a cop. I would say that's where the negativity starts.

    Sure, we all judge others, but some would say that God is the ultimate judge. Sadly for this guy, his time to be judged by Him happened a bit too soon and, once again, after trying to break the fifth commandment, which I believe is a mortal sin.

    I wrote it above, he could have done well with his life. He chose what he chose. There's not much sympathy for a guy who shoots a cop these parts.

    From the Globe

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    He had also previously been in state custody as a juvenile for being involved in several fights while a Boston high school student, including one in which he stabbed a rival gang member

    Once again, that great and hallowed social experiment of inequal treatment under the law called the "juvenile justice system" proves its worth - NOT.


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    You all are heartless idiots who don't know what it's like to live in urban communities. All u do is read the news and comment on it. First off, the media always portrays someone to look bad cause of they're mishaps. Did the cop really even get shot? If so aren't they equipped to be shot at? That's what they are trained for correct? These police make what's supposed to be work, or business, and turn it into personal vendettas. They have been waiting to kill another person who they have been trying to lock up for years. Couldn't they have just shot him in the hand knee cap or foot then arrested him. Is 7-8 shots necessary? Please this is bogus. These Men are being harassed by this gang of police everday. Something needs to be done. Its unacceptable. So to all the ignorant jerks who don't really know.. I'll suggest u keep ur opinions to yourselves.

    How do YOU know it was a

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    How do YOU know it was a personal vendetta? Do you know these cops personally?
    No, they aren't prepared to get shot at - they don't wear bulletproof vests at all times. They shouldn't have to.
    If you don't want to get shot at by cops, DON'T SHOOT AT THEM. Plain and simple. Why was this guy carrying a gun in the first place? Living on Geneva Avenue is no excuse. Yes we should judge because you're not above the law just because you live in a rough neighborhood. My mother grew up in a rough 'hood and never carried a gun on her. This guy was also caught carrying a gun to Mass Bay Community College. Please tell me there's a legit reason for him having a gun on a college campus, especially after all the incidences at schools that have happened, you KNOW you're going to catch law enforcement's attention now with that. So that was a really really stupid move on his part. If he really wanted to carry a gun for self-protection, he should have done what everyone else does and apply for a legal gun license that allows concealed carry. Did he have a legal gun license when he shot at that cop? You didn't say if he did or not. I'm guessing by your silence that he didn't. I don't care how harassed he was by the cops, if a cop asks if you have a weapon on you you say yes, you don't pull it out and shoot them.
    You want us to understand? Get legal licenses for the guns in your neighborhood. Try not shooting at eachother at every turn. Cops go where there's crime and violence. The selection of neighborhood isn't an arbitrary thing - they don't have time to go riding around where there isn't crime. It's called hot spots policing for a reason. Want less attention from cops? Here's a thought: don't give them a reason to come to your neighborhood. I can't even count how many shootings there were on Geneva Ave over the summer. That's WHY they're in your neighborhood. If you want them out, don't give them a reason to come there in the first place.