Man sought for spitting at T bus driver; woman for kicking T bus driver

Transit Police posted this video of a guy spitting at a driver around 12:15 a.m. on Sept. 10 at Malden Center, on a bus being operated as a replacement for the Orange Line.

Earlier that same day, police say, a woman kicked the driver of a 32 bus on Hyde Park Avenue at West Street in Hyde Park.



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That may be the best solution

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That may be the best solution to this problem but boy does it sadden me terribly to know that this is a problem that needs solving.


Couldn't agree more! The only

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Couldn't agree more! The only problem is before we put the animal in its cage, the animal first needs to commit the offense, which I'm sure the driver would like some protection from occurring in the first place.

You couldn't pay me enough

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You couldn't pay me enough not to pummel the first person who spit in my face right through the ground. I find it absolutely revolting, and our T drivers really need to be protected.


This isn't CSI

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Saliva doesn't contain any appreciable amounts of cellular material in it. It's designed to break that stuff down after all.

When people get DNA testing done via mouth swabs, they're not picking up the saliva with the swabs - they're gently scraping buccal cells from the interior of the mouth, and *that* is what is genotyped.

Um. No.

Saliva has a lot of buccal cells in it. Enough that just swishing your mouth with a small amount of mouthwash is plenty enough to work with. Enough that spitting would provide substantial cellular material to work with!

I used to obtain and store DNA samples as part of a research job. You don't even need to scrape them off - they regenerate and are expelled at a hefty clip on a regular basis, just like the entire lining of the digestive tract. Just spit or swish, drop the tube in the mail, and into the freezer it goes.

The cells do not "dissolve" in saliva, either - saliva digests starch into sugar, it doesn't break down proteins!

In fact, it takes so little spit to get a good DNA sample that you might want to be more careful when you discard gum and cigarettes:


I have so much sympathy for

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I have so much sympathy for bus drivers. Nobody should have to put up with crap like, at work or otherwise!


Another Day

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Another day another spitter

We have some classy people living here in Boston.

Seriously.. the Orange Line Shuttle is FREE. I get if the driver stopped and forced them to pay (not excusable tho) but really, a FREE shuttle.

I'm curious to know what was said and why he walked off, then spit at them.



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There is no excuse for this behavior, but the bus service is not a shuttle, it is a replacement for the Orange Line service to that end of the Orange Line. Probably what happened was that the rider wanted to get off at a stop closer to home, and the driver is required to make no stops except at the T station. It takes longer than the T also. Again, there is no excuse for that reprehensible behavior, but the bussing in replacement of the T leads to its own set of aggravations.

"No Orange Line?!"

"No Orange Line?! They're making me take a bus?! Imma take it out on you, you innocent bus driver!" *spits* "I'll cut you!"


What is the deal with the

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What is the deal with the social breakdown in certain parts of American society? I mean, spitting at and kicking bus drivers? That's animal-like behavior. Is this the way these people behave with each other? And, yes, I'm using the term "these people" because I firmly believe I am not in the spit-at-people-and-kick-them demographic.

In the good old days

People were civil, and only spit on or beat up "deviants" and "(insert slur of choice here)"!

Heck, public executions and even lynchings were a public party time, with picnics, etc. Very civilized in old times, indeed.