Man hit, killed by Green Line trolley at Fenway

UPDATE, 10:50 p.m.

Transit Police report a man, in his 40s, died after being hit by an inbound trolley at Fenway on the Riverside Line around 9 p.m.

Police and the Suffolk County District Attorney's office are investigating what he was doing on the tracks at the time.



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MBTA horror show

So the system is now regularly killing people, having major breakdowns or delays on a daily basis, and having stations either catch fire or lose power about once a week.

Why is that no one has been held responsible yet? No emergency hearings at the State House?

Whenever a highway or bridge starts falling apart or kills someone due to a maintenance issue there is a big news story and emergency funding to fix the problem. Why are MBTA riders treated like 2nd class chattel?


How do you know that this is

How do you know that this is the T's fault? Did the train or its conductor willingly killed this person? Or that he was killed because the equipment failed? I don't know the circumstances here but people commit suicide by train all the time and it's absolutely devastating for the conductor, even if it wasn't an accident. This person was on the tracks at 9 pm. It's pretty easy to avoid getting hit by the trolleys by staying off the tracks. It's much more difficult for the train to avoid YOU when you're intentionally on the tracks and ignoring its advance. Yet I always see people walking right in front of it with headphones on as if they think the train is going to stop for them like a car. It can't do that without risking the lives of everyone on it - it's going to hit you if it has to.


T-Horror show

Excellent points you forgot to add bleach brawls and stabbing's on busses, passengers getting robbed,groped or employee victims of the knockout game . A bus driver told me that a CSA at Jackson was beaten and on Sunday a CSA at Orient heights got his jaw broken . No wonder the employees hide during these daily delays



Remarkable commentary.

The system does not kill people. Anyone killed has either been ill, intoxicated, or otherwise impaired. The real question is "why" this person wandered into the tunnel in the first place.

Maybe they need an electric eye to stop all trains if someone walks into a tunnel? Would we then blame the transit system for seeking to save lives? From the comments here one would easily derive that as the mind set.

During the 'Blizzard of '78' the T kept the trains running in the tubes and were shuttling them back and forth with the limited number of trains already underground, doing what they could with the little available. . Then a growing set of morons became impatient and started to walk the tunnels to the next station. I personally witnessed this at Downtown Crossing. They willfully chose to walk the tracks with a dangerous 3rd rail just to avoid walking in the snow above.

As a result of that the T had to stop all trains and shut power to prevent accidental death either by being hit or contact with the 3rd rail.

So that system stoppage then was not their fault but caused by selfish Mass-holes.

Had the security system have picked up this wanderer at Fenway in the tunnel, the system would have ground to a halt just the same.

If someone is intent on

If someone is intent on committing suicide by train you really can't stop them without seriously impeding the rest of the non-suicidal riders. It shouldn't be the T's responsibility to prevent suicide. If the person doesn't sneak into the tunnel and hide, they'll lie down on the tracks somewhere or jump out right when the train comes. Sorry to say but the time to prevent it starts before they're actually on the tracks. It's a very public way to choose to commit suicide that involves more than just suicidal person. That person is not only intent on killing themselves, but they are not thinking about the trauma that decision causes the driver and the witnesses to it, or how they are potentially endangering bystanders who jump in and try to help.

Green line fatality

The T services over one million people daily, trains and equipment break down. People get sick. It sucks when your trip is delayed, agreed. What sucks more is having to live with the devastating effects of someone else's actions. People jump in front of trains much more often than you know. This man was on the tracks, in the tunnel, at night with his back to the train, possibly hiding in the niche. I can assure you that the driver is indeed utterly devastated. She will have to live with the consequences of his actions. T employees are attacked, berated by the public over things that are not on their control. Please think before you post. A man is dead, let's be respectful. Prayers for him, for his family and for the driver would be more appropriate.


Everyone's into "transparency

Everyone's into "transparency" now. It's so much more possible now but it is also a two-edged sword. Years ago I belonged to an organization (Call it a club.) of about 50,000 people. They put out their national newsletter once a month. They decided on "transparency" before that was the buzz-word for it. All of a sudden you heard about executive committee meetings where people were doing and saying the most stupid things. Of course they're doing that. They're in a meeting, trying to decide what is smart and stupid to do.

Morale in the club plummeted. After a year or two they quietly made the meetings a little less "transparent."

That's the situation we have with the MBTA now. These things that don't directly affect us have always been going on. We just didn't hear of them. Now that we do, we think the MBTA is run by a group of morons.

Without knowing more, I doubt that is the case.

I was the only one who saw

I was the only one who saw him dissapear into the tunnels.. If I knew he was going to kill himself I would have done something.. I just wish I knew. I wish I knew. He was stumbling around and he seemed so sad, in dispair. I don't think ill ever forget watching him dissapear into the dark.. Then when the train came to a immediate halt down the rails.. I knew what had happened. He had given his led to the mercy of that train. God I wish I knew his intentions :(


BPD Cell line

People already posted the direct number to the T police.

When you dial 911 on a cell phone it is routed to the State Police which maintains the statewide 911 cell phone communications network. They in turn relay info to what ever the local police is.

In Boston the PUBLISHED and available direct number to call from a cell phone is: 617-343-4911 - or 617-3434-911 which ever way is better to remember. This connects a cell user directly to Boston police and the Boston 911 center for dispatch of all info.

If you do call the T police make certain you can tell them where you are. Just saying on the "Red Line at Park Street" is a start, but also offer them if you are on an inbound or outbound platform or the direction you are traveling in.


If you do call the T police make certain you can tell them where you are. Just saying on the "Red Line at Park Street" is a start, but also offer them if you are on an inbound or outbound platform or the direction you are traveling in.


Cut to the chase. No introductions, just spit it out. Last week I watched as some homeless guy all of a sudden duck behind a wall at State southbound and went down onto the tracks. I immediately dialed up Transit PD, and first thing out of my mouth, "Orange Line, State Street, Southbound. Some guy just went down onto the tracks." They asked more details, sure, but they had the message and were probably already relaying it.