Manhole explodes in Roslindale Square just after man, dog walk over it

Matthew Wilding reports a harrowing experience around 12:45 p.m.:

I just almost died when a manhole blew off on Washington st. In front of Dragon Chef.

He reports both he and dog are fine; they were clear when it blew.



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    That's scary. Where did he write about this?

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    I'd just tweeted it to UH. It

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    I'd just tweeted it to UH. It was really weird. I smelled what I thought was bad chinese food (which is believable there), and was waiting to cross the street. I crossed right over the manhole and then as soon as I got to the other side, there was a big boom and then the manhole was airborne, landing almost exactly back in the hole, but not quite. A weird brown smoke started bellowing out. My poor dog (who is 14 weeks old) was really freaked out. I called 911 and they sent the fire department. Haven't seen yet what it was.

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    I was right across the street when this happened. The firetruck was pulling up as I was finishing getting a haircut at Rialto, the police cruiser had just pulled up when I looked over, went "hmm" - and got in my car and drove home.

    This was the second time in less than 24 hours I saw flashing lights, went "hmm" and then just drove away. Last night, I was coming out of the Chinese takeout place on River at West in Hyde Park when I saw a cruiser racing toward Cleary Square. At Hyde Park Ave., I saw another one doing the same thing. And I just kept driving home, instead of following a cruiser to the drive-by. Some reporter I am.

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